What is Mechatronics?

In today’s technology-based industry and consumer products, there are few products that would not fall under the Mechatronics category. Mechatronics machines and products typically perform a mechanical task under the directions of a digital controller using software instructions. Examples of such devices are robots, automation devices, cars, aircraft, communication devices, chemical and food processing devices, appliances, etc.

The highly automated manufacturing industry of the 21st century has created a high demand for engineers and technologists who not only have a knowledge of the engineering fundamentals, but are also well versed in systems integration, project management, technical communication, device networking, procurement, supply chain management, and industrial safety.

A graduate of the Mechatronics program at UTC will be well poised to assume responsibilities as a process engineer, plant manager, design engineer, maintenance supervisor, sales engineer, and project manager in automation-based industries such as automotive industry, food and chemical processing plants, automation solution providers, industrial controls companies, and aviation industries.    

Projected Median Salary for Mechatronic Engineers