MS Engineering Management

The MS Engineering Management degree is designed for people with engineering or science backgrounds who have moved or expect to move into areas of managerial responsibilities. The program addresses important topics such as, engineering economics and finance, quality control and management, reliability, project management and scheduling, decision making and optimization, leadership and entrepreneurship, product development and marketing, value management, and strategic management.

The MS Engineering Management program can be completed fully online, which enables students to take courses at a time and place that fits their own schedules.

There are five graduate certificate programs offered in Engineering Management: Project and Technology Management, Quality Management, Power Systems Management, Logistics and Supply Chain Management, and Construction Management.

Program Mission:

The mission of MS Engineering Management programs is to provide accessible education in the theory and application of engineering management that

  • Prepares students for successful careers in industry, government, and academia

  • Applies tools and techniques in engineering management through team-based and individual-based projects

  • Promotes life-long learning

  • Serves the engineering profession

Program Objectives:

In support of this mission, the Engineering Management program produces graduate who

  • Function as successful professionals in a variety of engineering disciplines

  • Function effectively in multidisciplinary environments

  • Adapt to various environments

  • Participate in further knowledge building opportunities

  • Are progressing toward Professional Registration.