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Administrative Assistant - Mandy McWeeney

Mandy McWeeney is the Administrative Assistant of the Electrical Engineering Department. She can be reached at 423-425-4396.

Outreach Coordinator - Jim Kurtz

Jim Kurtz is the Department's Outreach Coordinator, tasked with facilitating engagement with industry and local middle and high schools. In his previous career, he managed several efforts, including work on nuclear submarines, nuclear power plants, and transmission systems. At TVA his Protection & Control Design Department was recognized in many countries for progressive techniques and technical leadership. As Director of TVA’s School to Work program, however, Jim dedicated his time, energy, and ideas to helping and interning students from over 30 schools. This program provided opportunities to students while saving TVA millions. In 2008 Jim was awarded the Chattanooga Engineering Club “People to People” award for Unse lfish Devotion to Community Service for his work with students and colleges. He has coordinated the equipment and resources to open three power engineering labs at three area universities. Jim is married with a son and daughter and a graduate of Geneva College with a BS in Project Management.