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Professor Virgil Thomason, P.E.

Picture of Dr. Virgil ThomasonDr. Thomason teaches courses in engineering-design with microprocessors, logic design, computer interfacing, electronic design, computer program design, sampled data systems, digital signal processing, networks, and solid state devices. His research background includes design with microprocessors as system components, digital signal processing, voice recognition and synthesis applications, inertial guidance systems and data communications.


 Gary Kobet, P.E.

Mr. Kobet is an Operations Engineer for the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) in Chattanooga, Tennessee. His responsibilities include performing voltage and generator stability studies for the operating horizon, as well as developing operational tools to monitor reactive reserve within the TVA service area. Previously he worked in TVA’s System Protection department planning relaying schemes for transmission and generation projects, as well as calculating relay set points and performing postfault analysis. He has performed transient studies using EMTP for breaker TRV studies and switching surge overvoltages. Previously he worked as a field engineer and as power quality specialist.

Mr. Kobet earned the B.S.E. (electrical) from the University in Alabama in Huntsville in 1989 and the M.S.E.E. from Mississippi State University in 1996. He is a member of the IEEE Power Engineering Society, CIGRE’, Eta Kappa Nu, Tau Beta Pi, and is a registered professional engineer in the state of Alabama.


Russell W. Patterson, P.E.

Picture of Russell PattersonMr. Patterson is a consultant in power system protection and control with 20 years in the industry. Prior to entering full time consulting he was Manager of System Protection & Analysis for the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) in Chattanooga, Tennessee. As Manager of System Protection & Analysis he was responsible for setting calculations for all protective relays in the TVA transmission system and at hydro, fossil and nuclear generating plants.

Prior to managing System Protection & Analysis his roles included Manager of the Advanced Power Applications group, Manager of Power Quality, and Specialist in System Protection & Analysis. Russell is a member of the IEEE Power System Relaying Committee (PSRC) where he is chairman of the Line Protection Subcommittee and a member of the Rotating Machinery Subcommittee. Mr. Patterson earned the B.S.E.E. from the Mississippi State University in 1991. Russell is a registered professional engineer in several states (NCEES registered), a Senior Member of IEEE and a member of CIGRE'.

Mr. Patterson's company is Patterson Power Engineers, LLC.