Application Instructions for Candidacy, Certificate, and Graduation (GS#103)

  1. Each degree seeking graduate student must complete and file an Application for Candidacy and Graduation, i.e., form GS #103, the semester prior to the semester of his/her anticipated graduation. For example, if a student anticipates graduating in May 2020, the student must file form GS#103 in fall 2019 preceding the May 2020 graduation.
  2. All information requested must be provided before the Application for Candidacy and Graduation will be accepted and approved by the Graduate School.
  3. The student must provide name, date of filing, and UTCID. In addition the student must indicate the degree, program (major) and concentration.
  4. For students completing requirements for a graduate certificate but not a degree, this form must be completed. The student should provide all of the applicable inform requested above, the name of the certificate program and list the courses in the certificate program in the space provided.
  5. In the space provided, all courses not listed on the original POS and any changes in the POS must be listed. In most instances, the courses listed will be the elective courses required to complete the degree. Courses in a certificate program would also be listed here.
  6. When listing courses, the course prefix, number, title and credit hours must be provided. Graduate School staff will fill in the semester and grades on all courses listed.

    All forms, with directions for completing them, are available from the Graduate School on the web page for graduate forms at: UTC | Graduate School | Forms
  7. If additional space is needed to list courses, use the POS and Candidacy Continuation form (GS#102).
  8. Below the space for listing courses, the student must indicate he/she is filing for candidacy only (and not for graduation also).
  9. Below the space for listing courses, the student must indicate the semester of he/she will graduate. Complete the appropriate blank for a particular semester with the year.
  10. The specific due date for filing the Application for Candidacy and Graduation is the last date of early class registration for the semester preceding the anticipated graduation. The specific filing dates are listed in the Graduate Academic Calendar located on the Graduate School webpage: UTC | Graduate School.
  11. Students pursuing a certificate must also indicate the semester and year they anticipate receiving the certificate in the space where the graduation date is indicated.
  12. Secure all signatures and submit the form to the Graduate School, 103 Race Hall.

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