Why is UTC's Computational Science Program Unique?

Our PhD program is unique because it emphasizes interdisciplinary teamwork and is integrated with a research center to prepare graduates to develop and apply advanced modeling, simulation and optimization software for a broad range of real-world scientific analysis, data-driven discovery, and product design solutions. 

The Computational Science curriculum offers broad exposure to applied mathematics, scientific computing, and a science or engineering application area. Due to the wide-scope of this interdisciplinary program, various concentration areas are available. These concentration areas allow for flexibility, and may evolve as needed, to address educational and research priorities of national and global interest. 

The program offers opportunities for significant interaction with multiple faculty and researchers across the UTC campus. Each individual student research topic is integrated with the overall SimCenter research program. Students participate in team research focused on real-world problems and are prepared to enter the workforce and make immediate contributions. 

The core research of the Computational Science program is intended to establish leadership in critical technology areas affecting sustainable energy, environment, health and biological systems, advanced manufacturing, security and defense. 

To achieve technological advancements in these research areas, combined inter-related topics are required including (but not limited to): 

  • Physical and mathematical modeling 
  • Computational geometry and grid generation 
  • High-performance computing 
  • Data Analytics 
  • Scientific visualization 
  • Mathematics of computation 
  • Solution algorithms and methodology 
  • Computational design and optimization 
  • Software systems and user interfaces