Research and Laboratories

Engineering Solids Workshop

Control Systems Laboratory (EMCS 119)

This laboratory supports ENGR 3280L, Control Systems Laboratory.  This laboratory contains AC Controls equipment, LabVIEW software, and a dead weight tester.

Chemical Process Laboratory (EMCS 120)

This laboratory supports ENCH 4350, Chemical Processes Laboratory, and ENEV 4350, Environmental Processes Laboratory.  This laboratory houses a 12-stage Web Lab – Distillation Column & Packed Column extending 2 floors.  Additionally, it has two large Fisher Hamilton fume hoods, and a TN System RU2100. 

There are three main stations in this laboratory.  First is the absorber column that contains both water flow and air flow.  Second is the cooling duct consisting of an air blower, duct work, and a thermal element.  The last station contains a simple pip flow system with a water pump.  The latter two stations can be controlled remotely via

Other equipment housed here includes a rotary evaporator, a Parr calorimeter, a spectrophotometer, three continuous stirred tank reactors, and equipment common to a wet chemistry lab.

A PID Project is done here where student teams build a thermal element unit with PID control, circuit construction, and control software called LabVIEW.