Dr. Alp is the Department Head of Engineering Management and Technology and the Director of Graduate Programs for the College of Engineering and Computer Science at UTC.  She has a Ph.D. in Engineering Management from University of Missouri-Rolla, M.S. in Industrial Engineering and B.S. in Engineering Management from Istanbul Technical University.  She has also completed a two-year Post-Doctorate study in Engineering Management at the University of Missouri-Rolla. 

She has been teaching at UTC since 1999.  Her teaching and research areas include quality control, project management, layout design, optimization, engineering economy, lean, and six-sigma.  She is a registered Professional Engineer in the state of Tennessee.

Engineering Management and Industrial Engineering

Areas of Interest
Dr. Alp's areas of interest include quality control and reliability engineering, project management and scheduling, plant layout design, operations research and optimization, engineering economy and financial analysis, lean manufacturing, six-sigma, and distance learning.

Curriculum Vitae
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