Adjunct Evaluation Process
College of Engineering and Computer Science

The effectiveness of Adjunct Instructors is based on evaluation of classroom teaching, course folder material and student evaluation of instructor. The following summarizes the process used by the College of Engineering and Computer Science (CECS) to evaluate the effectiveness of Adjunct Instructors.

Classroom Teaching

  • Adjunct Instructors are assigned to a Department (Computer Science, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Civil and Chemical Engineering, Engineering (Industrial, Environmental, Nuclear), and Engineering Technology Management)
  • Department Head (or representative) of assigned department will sit in at least 2 classes of each section the instructor teaches each semester.
  • Department Head (or representative) will complete the attached evaluation form following the visits to the class (one for each class taught). 

Course Folder Material

  • Adjunct Instructor will create a course folder for each course and section taught and will provide the course folders to the Department Head at the end of the  semester’s grading period.
  • Department Head (or representative) will evaluate the course folder for the following and note the results on the attached Course Folder evaluation form:
    • Completeness of content needs
    • Completeness of course syllabus
    • Evidence of course following syllabus
    • Evidence of appropriate level of rigorousness 

Student Evaluation of Instructor

  • Students will complete instructor/course evaluations at the end of the semester
  • Department Head (or representative) will review the instructor/course evaluations with regards to the suggestions for instructional improvement and note the results on the attached Student Evaluation of Instructor form. 

Based on the class visits, course folder reviews, and student instructor evaluations the Department Head will decide to do one of the following:

  • Approve the Adjunct Instructor for continued teaching opportunities
  • Advise the Adjunct Instructor to improve his/her teaching and/or delivery
  • Not rehire the Adjunct Instructor for further teaching opportunities. 

Documentation of the reason for the outcome (as provided on the evaluation forms) will be included in a file on adjunct instructors in the Department’s office for future reference.

Download the evaluation forms here