Senior Exit Survey - Computer Science

Permanent Mailing Address
Where you can be contacted after graduation.

Overall Educational Experience:
In your opinion, rate the following on a scale of 1 (weak) to 5 (strong) in the College of Engineering and Computer Science

Pre-Graduate Internship Jobs

Pre-Graduate Work Experience

Post Graduation Employment/Graduate School Plans

Additional recommendation, suggestions, and comments regarding your experience as a student in the College of Engineering and Computer Science

Student Outcomes Assessment

Some of the data we are collecting in this survey will be used in our ABET accreditation assessment. The following questions in this section are for computer science to reflect one of the three areas in which the college of Engineering and Computer Science offers degrees and ABET assessments commissions are based.

Please be as candid and as truthful as possible while completing this section.

Using the following scale, please assess your level of preparation:
1 - Strongly Disagree
2 - disagree
3 - Neutral
4 - Agree
5 - Strongly Agree