Current Student Ambassadors

The following are our current CECS Student Ambassadors. If you have any questions or need assistance, please ask any one of them and they will help you out.


Student Ambassador Madison ChanMadison Chan

Hi! My name’s Madison and I’m a junior in Engineering Technology Management. I chose UTC because the minute I stepped on campus, I had the feeling that this was a community that cared about its students—about them personally as well as their academic goals. Two years have passed, and I haven’t been proven wrong yet. The College of Engineering and Computer Science takes that sentiment to heart, and it has built a community that truly wants to see each student succeed. This is what makes me proud to be a student here, at UTC and in CECS, and a CECS ambassador.

After considering everything from music to marketing, I chose engineering because I wanted to learn how to solve problems, and I knew engineering would give me the toolbox I needed. Eventually, I pivoted to Engineering Management, because I felt like there was something I was missing—something I found when I started studying the business side of engineering. To me, this combines the best of both worlds, and it’s incredibly satisfying to see a process to run as efficiently as possible. After graduation and graduate school, I plan to pursue a career in solving environmental issues.

Student Ambassador Gabby Fowler

Gabby Fowler

My name is Gabby Fowler and I am a Chemical Engineering major. When I originally entered college, I began as a chemistry major who was unsure with what I would want to do when I graduated. As I searched for the perfect career, I decided that a good place to start would be to expand my horizons and get a degree in Chemical Engineering. By doing this, my eyes were opened to a whole world of opportunities. After graduation, I plan on continuing my education onto a Master’s degree in medical physics and becoming a Medical Physicist.


I have grown up in Chattanooga and have loved every second of it. I started out at a private school and transferred to UTC when I changed my major. At first, the school seemed overwhelmingly large, but because of the helpful professors and events on campus I soon felt at home.

Student Ambassador Olivia GeorgeOlivia George

My name is Olivia George, and I am a senior chemical engineering major from Maryville, TN. My favorite thing about UTC is Chattanooga - I love the size of the city and the accessibility of everything outdoors!

Student Ambassador Alexis Hartwig

Alexis Hartwig

My name is Alexis Hartwig and I am a freshman chemical engineering student. I am from Knoxville, Tennessee. I started out in chemical engineering, and so far, I do not regret my decision. All the faculty are extremely welcoming and want to help students succeed. With my degree, I will pursue my passion for developing medicines. While I have not been at UTC for long, I immediately fell in love with campus and the city of Chattanooga. There are so many opportunities to get involved on campus!

Student Ambassador Keith HollingsworthKeith Hollingsworth

Hello there! My name is Keith Hollingsworth and I’m majoring in Computer Science with a focus in Data Science. I enjoy travelling, knitting, baking, card games, and talking to people.

My journey through college has felt pretty long, from changing my major to transferring from Middle Tennessee State University and some life events that led to a year-long hiatus from school. Since transferring to UTC, I’ve gotten more involved in extracurricular activities such as undergraduate research and student ambassadorship. One thing that’s really helped me with getting these opportunities is my social disposition. I am relatively comfortable in the college because of its small size, allowing me to build good relationships with faculty and staff. These relationships have helped me grow interpersonally and professionally, something that I hope will benefit me when I graduate. I don’t have any real idea of what I want to do with my degree but work with data, specifically in machine and deep learning.

Student Ambassador Olivia Lynn

Olivia Lynn

As a lifetime Tennessean, Olivia Lynn has spent most of her days exploring in the Great Smoky Mountains. She developed a keen sense of environmental awareness, which led her to be the first student to graduate with an Associate’s of Applied Science in Engineering Technology with Sustainable Design from Pellissippi State Community College. Having childhood dreams of being a treehouse builder, she is well versed in carpentry and welding. Olivia is enrolled in UTC’s Engineering Technology Management program with a concentration in Construction Management to assist in her new goals of building sustainable dwellings and structures. After finishing her Bachelors of Science degree she wishes to pursue a Master’s in Civil/Structural Engineering. She enjoys learning all sustainable systems and design strategies and plans to grow on them with the help of University of Tennessee at Chattanooga’s staff and Ambassador’s program.  Additionally, Olivia has been a committed lifelong learner and became conversational in Mandarin Chinese at the age of eighteen.

Student Ambassador Caroline MeachamCaroline Meacham

My name is Caroline Meacham and I am studying civil engineering. Why did I chose civil engineering ,you ask?  Well, like most of my peers, I have always been drawn toward math and enjoy the idea of bringing a concept or design to fruition. In addition to this, I have always taken an interest in buildings, bridges, and architecture. When entering college, I knew I liked engineering but talked myself out of majoring in it to explore other possible career paths. In the spring semester of freshmen year, I declared civil engineering and knew it was the right choice and have not looked back since. I became an ambassador to have to chance to talk to prospective students, like I once was, and to get more involved in the college.

Student Ambassador Austin Moore

Austin Moore

My name is Austin Moore and I am senior studying mechanical engineering. I a Chattanooga native, and attended Hixson High School. I have always been aware of Chattanooga’s plentiful outdoor beauty but I was very unaware of the gem in my own backyard that is UTC. I have am drawn to engineering for the creative, adventurous, and fun opportunities the field has to offer. I hesitated to commit to engineering school at first since I felt my high school academic experience had not prepared me enough. I decided that I would try my hardest for one year to see what would happen and I never looked back! UTC gives me all the tools, resources, and support I need in a collegiate academic experience. Through the Baja SAE Club, I have built lasting relationships as well as obtained practical experience that reinforces all that I have learned from my course work. Now that UTC has opened all of these doors for me, I hope to continue my academic studies by pursuing a graduate degree in Aerospace Engineering as well as landing a job in the field.

Student Ambassador Jeremy RolandJeremy Roland

Hi, my name is Jeremiah Roland.  I recently joined on as a new ambassador for the College of Engineering and Computer Science, and have quickly risen through the ranks becoming the Ambassador Supreme.  If I had a motto, it would be “efficiency is just clever laziness.”  I try to finish things as quickly and efficiently as possible.  In general though, I’m not a very mature person, but I mask this with my sense of propriety so I can at least pretend to be an adult, which I hear is important.  Fortunately, most of my Computer Science professors say, “if you have a complex program, get a lazy person to do it...they’ll find the quickest and easiest way to get it done.”  Therefore, my laziness isn’t a detriment to my success, which I believe is the key to finding the right career.  Not laziness (if that were the case, everyone would have a job), but finding the right line of study and work that suits your personality.  Here at UTC, there are plenty of people, myself included, who would be happy to help you find what career best suits you.  Feel free to contact me with any questions at

Student Ambassador Christian Sawyer

Christian Sawyer

My name is Christian Sawyer, and I am from Ringgold, Georgia. I graduated from Heritage High School. I am starting my fourth semester at UTC and am beginning my junior year as a civil engineering student with a concentration in environmental engineering. I would like to graduate in four years from UTC and then obtain Master’s degree soon afterwards. Once I graduate, my goal is to find meaningful work. I want to do work that has an impact on the world that I will be able to see and feel. Being here at UTC has been great for me because it is in a wonderful city and everyone extends an invitation to become involved. There is not ever a dull moment, which is a great thing in college. I have no idea where I will end up after college but I know that UTC and Chattanooga will always be home.

Student Ambassador Jose Troncoso

Jose Troncoso

My name is Jose Troncoso and I am a senior in Mechanical Engineering. I was born in Dominican Republic, and I was raised between there and South Florida before moving to Middle Tennessee. As a child, one of my favorite pastimes was disassembling anything I could get my hands on, learning how it works, and reassembling it (most of the time). My greatest passion is Aeronautical Engineering, which is a narrower field than Mechanical Engineering, so I chose Mechanical Engineering because I felt It was the better option in case my desires ever change.

I cherish UTC and the College of Engineering and Computer Science because they have shown me time and time again that the best education is not always dependent on the material, but the professors. The faculty of UTC and CECS are unmatched because they want you to learn as much you want to learn, and it shows through their efforts. Another great part about CECS is the clubs/organizations offered. Regardless of your interests, there is a club for you, and I find the most satisfaction in implementing what I learn in class to a real life application. Following graduation, I plan to pursue a career in Aeronautical Engineering and possibly furthering my education to a Masters degree.

Student Ambassador Chantz YanagidaChantz Yanagida

My name is Chantz Yanagida and I am a senior in mechanical engineering. I am a native ‘Noogan, and I graduated from Hixson High School. There have been a plethora of opportunities that I’ve been able to seize over the last few years. I found my passion for 3D printing my sophomore year, when I got to do research under Dr. Louie Elliott for the parameterization of 3D printed parts. I have also been honored to serve as president of the engineering honor society, Tau Beta Pi, where I was given the opportunity to fly out to Denver, CO to represent our chapter at the National Conference. I am in the process of honing my business, which is servicing the Hamilton County VW eLabs’ equipment. It has been fantastic being able to serve my community, by playing a role in advancing STEAM education in K-12 schools. It is my hope to stay in Chattanooga and operate my business for the next few years following my graduation.