Environmental Competition Q&A

Equipment List

  • Mass Balances
  • Hot Plate
  • Beakers (assorted sizes)
  • Graduated Cylinders (assorted sizes)
  • Erlenmeyer Flask (assorted sizes)
  • Volumetric Flask (500mL)
  • Thermometer
  • Glass Stir Rods
  • Weigh Boats
  • Storage for original solution and final solution
  • 2 ml pipet
  • Spatula
  • Gloves (nitrile)
  • Googles
  • Aprons

How long will each school be given to complete their experiment?

Each School will be given 30 minutes to complete whatever process you would like to complete and 60 minutes of incubation time.

What amount of solution will each school be given during the competition?

The amount of water will not be given until the day of the competition, however it will not exceed 1L.

Can the school change the chemicals or process they intend to use after submitting them on February 19th?

As long as the school understands they will not be able to change the chemicals once they have been sent in, revisions to the process can be made until the day of the competition.

What Spectrometer will be used in the competition?

The spectrometer used will be a uv/vis spectrometer

What wavelength will the spectrometer be set to?

 The spectrometer will be set to 600nonometers.

How will the hazardousness of the materials be determined?

The MSDS for each chemical will be used to determine how hazardous it is.

 How will the final scores be calculated?

Percent Error and material cost will be weighed equally in the decision of the final score

Will the water sample contain any pollutants other than the dye?

No, the water will only contain the dye

Are we allowed to handle/touch the experiments and reaction samples during the incubation time?

No, you are not allowed to handle/touch the experiments during the incubation time only during the 30 minute processing time

 Will we be required to process the entire solution or just enough to provide a 10mL sample for the spectrometer?

Each school must process the entire sample.

 Will the pH of the final solution be tested?

The pH of the final solution will only be considered if the solution becomes harmfully basic or acidic.

Will this be a one batch cycle or are we allowed to recycle the process?

You are given 30minutes to work with your process what you in that time is up to each school but you cannot work with the process during the incubation time of 60 minutes