Concrete Cylinder Q & A

1. How many concrete cylinders must be brought to the conference?

We will test a maximum of three cylinders for the conference. 

2. I was wondering what would be considered sustainable aggregate?  Also, would slag or flyash be considered a sustainable or recycled aggregate?

They are considered recycled. However, they are not aggregates. What is considered a sustainable or recycled material will take some research on your part.

3. A doubt I had was concerning Column 1 from the spreadsheet, it says "Amount per Ball", and should it say "Amount per Cylinder"?

Yes, this should say cylinder, this was a typing mistake.

4. From the Chemical Admixtures, I'm assuming the Specific Gravity of 1 described on the table is from the water and this was a typing mistake, right?

Yes, that was a typing error.

5. I had some doubts concerning the size of the aggregates. It says that "all aggregates must pass the #8 sieve, and be retained on the #200 sieve". I wanted to make sure that this rule was correct because that would basically make this cylinders have mostly a Mortar Mix Design, based on the "Standard Specifications for Concrete Aggregates” from ASTM C33.

Yes, this is considered mortar or grout mix by standard specifications. However, this specification was chosen to make the competition challenging and unique.