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Make the most of your college experience.

These resources are designed to help students succeed in the classroom and prepare for the workforce.

Student Success Guide

This extensive go-to guide describes many of the resources available to Rollins College of Business students. 

Take a look at the Checklist for Success—a list of milestones to hit every year at UTC. 

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Business Career Success Track

Start preparing for your career from the start. The Career success track table and career development to-do lists spell out everything you should accomplish outside of the classroom from freshman year through graduate school.

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Freshmen Touch Points

First-year freshmen in the Gary W. Rollins College of Business are required to complete 4 Touch Points throughout their first year at UTC; twice during the fall semester and twice during the spring semester.

For the 1st touch point each semester, all students are required to meet with their assigned academic advisor in the College of Business. For the 2nd touch point, students will watch a career development video (listed in "Career Development Videos"). The four touch point model is designed to enable exploration, increase student persistence, encourage student success, connect you with resources, and build student relationships. All students, especially those experiencing academic difficulties, are encouraged to meet with their assigned advisor more frequently throughout the academic year. Academic advisors are available year-round. 

Fall 2018

Career Development Video (due by September 7)

Academic Advising Appointment (due by September 21st)

Spring 2019

Career Development Video (due by January 25)

Academic Advising Appointment (due by February 8)

If you do not fulfill all of your touch points by the appropriate deadlines, your registration will be delayed!

Sophomore Learning Partnership

A Learning Community Opportunity

Open to ALL Sophomore Business majors. The Sophomore Learning Partnership is a new collaborative class connecting Principles of Accounting I (ACC 2010) and Sophomore BUS 1999.

As a rising Sophomore, we hope you will consider joining the Sophomore Learning Partnership. You have everything to gain from the experience!


The Sophomore Learning Partnership (SLP) is a cohort of 30 sophomores participating in a learning community comprised of both MGT 1999 Sophomore Learning Partnership (49974) and ACC 2010 Principles of Accounting I (45311) in fall 2018.

As part of a Learning Community, you are part of a community who will focus on professional development and areas key to business careers and participate in the ACC 2010 class as a cohort.

Students in the SLP also have the benefit of a peer mentor who is an upperclassman majoring in business. You will be learning business skills and gain exposure from professionals across majors as well as have additional support for your accounting class.

Interested students should meet the following criteria:

  • Be a declared major under business*
  • Have Sophomore standing as of August 20 (30-59 earned hours)
  • Must be eligible to take ACC 2010 (sophomore standing and eligible to take MATH 1130 or higher)
  • Prepare to experience a semester-long adventure!

*Students may change their major online at, forms link, "program/minor/catalog year change request form"

ACC 2010 (45311) meets on Tuesday and Thursday from 9:25 a.m. to 10:40 a.m. in Fletcher 210 and is taught by Prof. Warren McEwen.

BUS 1999 (49974) meets on Friday from 12:00 p.m. to 12:50 p.m. in Fletcher 212 and is taught by Prof. Sue Culpepper.

Please click on the link below to request a closed class override for ACC 2010 (45311) and BUS 1999 (49974). You will be notified that the overrides have been issued through your UTC email. Please register for both courses immediately.

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If you have questions or need additional information about the Sophomore Learning Partnership, please contact:

Sue Culpepper, Director, College of Business Student Success Center

Telephone: 423.425.5111 or Email: