TVA Job Shadow 2018

Job Shadows & Informational Meetings

At the Decosimo Success Center, we understand the importance of bridging the space between students and professionals. Job shadowing and Informational Interviewing are career exploration experiences during which students spend time with business professionals to deepen their understanding of potential careers that can be pursued in connection with their fields of study in school. Job shadowing consists of a student pairing with a professional in his or her workplace, observing daily activities of a career role that interests the student. During a job shadow experience, students follow the employee being shadowed through his or her work day. Students observe the duties of the job, the culture of the company as a whole, and ask lots of questions about their career path and industry. Informational Meetings are typically about an hour in length and held in the professional’s place of work so they can introduce students to others in the workplace, but it could be over lunch or coffee in a public setting. During this time, the students facilitates the conversation by asking questions of the professional that will assist in brining career realities and career goals into focus.

By bringing students and professionals together, very real and tangible options come alive. Job shadows and informational meetings provide students with an understanding of how academic knowledge is applied in real ways, and allows them to understand what it takes to be business-world ready:

  • Helps students observe careers in action and test drive a role of interest
  • Provides an opportunity in which they can network with professionals
  • Demonstrates the connections between academics and the workforce, aiding students in understanding how class work is relevant work
  • Identifies the skills, qualities, training, education and other requirements needed to be successful in a particular career
  • Builds community partnerships between schools and businesses
  • Encourages students to prepare for the transition from college to career
  • Puts students in control of their own career launch

Rollins College of Business Majors are encouraged to seek out job shadows and informational meetings with the guidance of a career advisor. Make an appointment, and let us help you build a game plan!