About the SMILE Fund

The Smile Fund is an undergraduate led investment fund at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga.


The Student Managed Investment Learning Experience (SMILE) Fund was formed in February 2015 and officially received funds totaling $250,000 from the UC Foundation on July 1, 2015. The purpose of the fund is to provide select UTC students the opportunity to manage a real stock portfolio for a real client. It should also provide students with a proficient knowledge of portfolio management, investment strategies, and equity valuation techniques.


The Smile Fund is to be managed as a typical fund as if at a real investment firm and is expected to grow the value of the fund. The managers are held to the highest professional standards and are responsible for all analysis, investment decisions, trade requests, and reports.


The vision of the Smile Fund is to become a nationally recognized fund that enhances the reputation of the University and its members. Smile Fund managers will attain a competitive advantage over their peers in the field of Finance through direct experience with real markets and astute analysis.


The Smile Fund is comprised of 26 student managers: The President and Chief Investment Officer, the VP of Fundamental Analysis, the VP of Market Analysis, the VP of Operations, the VP of Risk Management, the VP of Sector Analysis, 10 Lead Sector Analysts, and 10 Junior Sector Analysts. The structure is as follows:


The SMILE Portfolio

The portfolio started with a nominal value of $250,000. A list of past and present securities are listed.


A list of the fund's currently held positions.


How well the portfolio has performed against our benchmark.