Business Living, Learning Community

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What is a Living and Learning Community (LLC)?

Living and Learning Communities are groups of 20-25 first-year students who share majors, schedules and living space. Students attend the same sections of core-classes and live in the same residence hall. LLC students are involved in a variety of activities related to their majors.

Business LLC StudentsThe Business LLC offers incoming freshmen the opportunity to be outstanding leaders and scholars both in and out of the classroom. This select group of freshmen will make lasting connections and create a strong foundation for success in the Rollins College of Business and in life after graduation.

The Rollins College of Business hopes you will join us in the 2019-2020 academic year, and help to make the Business LLC a great success! 

The Business Living Learning Community is hosted in conjunction with UTC's Housing Department. Participants in the Business LLC will:

  • Integrate their academic and social lives through common living quarters, class schedules and outside activities.
  • Work closely with juniors and seniors majoring in business, Rollins College of Business faculty, campus administrators and community leaders
  • Gain educational experience outside of the classroom and build networks within the local business community
  • Succeed academically through active learning and teamwork
  • Have Fun!



As part of residence life and the Business LLC, students will participate in a variety of academic, social and sporting events hosted by UTC Housing and the Rollins College of Business. The events foster interpersonal relationships, collegial connections and fun!



Students will participate in outside activities that enrich and support classroom learning while strengthening group and leadership skills. Activities include: attending student organizational meetings; engaging in group discussions with business faculty and student peers; participating in group study sessions, leadership seminars and workshops; shadowing juniors and seniors in upper division courses.



Students who participate in any LLC exhibit higher academic success during their first year in college; develop strong interpersonal relationships in and out of the classroom; utilize more campus resources; participate in more campus activities; and mature into confident leaders in and out of college.



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