DBA – 2012, Kennesaw State University
M.Acc. – 2004, University of Tennessee at Chattanooga
B.S. – 1981, University of Tennessee at Chattanooga


Courses Taught

ACC 4050 - Auditing

ACC 4060 - Advanced Managerial Accounting

ACC 5520 - Advanced Auditing


Research Interests


Internal Controls

Internal Auditing

Corporate Governance



Honors, Achievements, & Affiliations

CPA, State of TN

American Accounting Association

Tennessee Society of CPA's

American Institute of CPA's

Institute of Internal Auditors

Institute of Managerial Accountants

Carter Street Corporation

2015 Institute of Managerial Accountants

2015 Certificate of Merit Lybrand Award

2014 Institute of Internal Auditors

2014 Ted Keys Honorable Mention Award

American Accounting Association - Public Interest Section. Mayper Scholar (2011-2012)

Carter Street Corporation - Distinguished Board Member (2011-2012)


Featured Publications

Dezoort, T., Wilkins, A.,  and Justice, S. (2017) The Effects of Reporting Framework on Lenders' Assessments of SME Lending, Journal of Accounting and Public Policy (forthcoming)

Abernathy, J., Stefaniak, C., Wilkins, A., and Olson, J. (2017) Literature Review and Research Opportunities on Credibility of Corporate Social Responsibility Reporting, American Journal of Business, 32 (1), 24-41.

Wilkins, A. M., Hermanson, D. R., Houston, R., and Stefaniak, C. (2016) The Work Environment in Large Public Accounting Firms: Current Perceptions and Possible Improvements, Current Issues in Auditing, 10 (2), 38-61.

Wilkins, A., Hermanson, D. and Cohen, J. (2016) Do Compensation Committee Member Perceive Changing Performance Targets Mid-Cycle to be fair? Journal of Business Ethics, 137 (3), 623-638.

Leggett, D., Wilkins, A. & Clark, S. (2015) The Frequency, Magnitude, and Measurement Subjectivity Associated with Reporting Liabilities at Fair Value. Academy of Accounting and Financial Studies Journal 19 (1), 160-170.