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Apply to be part of the VEP Class of 2020


VEP serves veterans who meet the following requirements:

  • Have separated from active duty service (or are in the process of separating) with an honorable discharge
  • Have developed a business concept or have an existing business less than three years old
  • Preference will be given to applicants who are identified as disabled by the Veterans Administration based on a "service-connected" disability OR are "service-distinguished" based on exemplary military conduct


The VEP is free to veterans who are selected for the program. Instruction, materials, travel expenses, lodging, and meals for the Phase II Boot Camp will be provided at no cost to each delegate. The costs of the VEP are underwritten by sponsors and private donors, including our presenting sponsor, Walden Security.

Application Procedures

The VEP has a selective application process that reflects the unique opportunity and valuable resources being offered to eligible veterans. Successful candidates demonstrate a strong interest in entrepreneurship and venture creation, the motivation to own and operate a business, and high likelihood of active participation and completion of the entire VEP program.