SEEC 2019: March 1-2, 2019

The Third Annual Southeast Entrepreneurship Conference hosted in Chattanooga, TN was a success! Participants from Tennessee, Florida, Mississippi, Ohio, Iowa and more came together on UTC's campus for the event. Many Chattanooga business professionals participated as conference speakers and networkers. They represented the following local companies: Sierra Madre (as seen on Shark Tank), Text Request, Leaf Global Fintech, International Maritime Security Associates, Inc., Southtree, Legacybox, Dynamo VC, Jolls Innovations, and more! An inspiring morning keynote was provided by Richard Rhett, Co-Founder of Sierra Madre.

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“The 2019 Southeast Entrepreneurship Conference was another tremendous success! This was our third year hosting the event and in addition to our own UTC students, we had attendees from sixteen other colleges and universities, hailing from Iowa to Florida. The conference allowed us to showcase to these collegiate entrepreneurs what a great place Chattanooga is to live, work and play...and to be an entrepreneur!" said Professor Libby Santin, Director of the Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship in the Gary W. Rollins College of Business at UTC.

A whopping 36 students participated in the pitch competition and presented their new venture ideas in 90 seconds. Contestants were coached and critiqued by local entrepreneurship professionals. The winners of the 2019 SEEC Pitch Competition are as follows:  


SEEC 2019 Winners

SEEC 2019 pitch winners

1st Place:

Dyad Syringe - Bryson Pritchard - Stetson University: The Dyad Syringe is a multi-compartment syringe used to deploy two solutions at once. Traditionally, medication administration takes two syringes to properly give a patient an IV.

2nd Place:

VerdiLife LLC - Mahdi Eghbali and William Braverman - University of Iowa: VerdiLife strives to make the Earth a healthier planet by replacing harmful agrochemicals with an all-natural solution. VerdiLife produces a 100% organic fertilizer and pesticide, derived from wood paste, produced via a unique environmentally-friendly process with zero emissions.

 3rd Place:

PlateMap - Jaynanne Sheehan - Kent State University: PlateMap is a gamified mobile application for kids to help reduce accidental allergic food reactions.