15th Annual Clarence E. Harris Entrepreneurial Forum

November 9, 2010

The 2010 Entrepreneurial Forum featured Bob Farnsworth, President & Chief Executive Officer, PlayCore. Over 400 business students attended the event!

The Clarence E. Harris Entrepreneurial Forum is conducted every year by the Harris Chair to promote dialogue and interaction between students, faculty and entrepreneurs. Each year since 1996, a group of entrepreneurs is invited to campus for a half-day program. Participants both interact informally with students and faculty, and conduct a panel discussion. The breakfast kick-off session is designed to provide one-on-one interaction with the entrepreneur at breakfast.

After the breakfast, entrepreneurs participate in breakout panel discussions, with an overall theme and a moderator. This aspect of the program promotes a comparison in entrepreneurial perspectives and some lively discussion among the panelists. Students and faculty are welcome to ask questions and participate in the debate.

This year’s panel discussions focused on “Growing an Entrepreneurial Business” featuring Clark Luckmann (Rock Creek Outfitters), Dawson Wheeler (Rock Creek Outfitters), and Kris Simmons (6 Strong Media) and “Green Entrepreneurship” featuring Jonathan Bragdon (Tricycle), Jeff Cannon (Green Spaces), Chuck Pruitt (GreenLife), and John Sweet (Niedlov’s Breadworks).