Elevator Pitch Round One 2016


UTC’s 5th Annual Student Elevator Pitch Competition

Join us for the 5th Annual UTC College of Business CEO Club Elevator Pitch: Round Two and hear Chattanooga's next great business ideas!

Elevator Pitch: Round Two 

Monday, Nov. 7, 2016 | 3:30 to 5 p.m. 

Edney Innovation Center, Floor 5

The annual Elevator Pitch Competition provides inspiration, capital support, and practical guidance to students who have an idea for a new business. (Think "Shark Tank" for students.)

The Finalists

  • Park U: Kenzie Butera
  • Finding Fito: Jenna Caraccilo and Christina Landreth
  • Collrz: Wil Pope
  • Paint Tray Saver: D'Anna Farrar
  • E Wheel: Jamal Donoso, Seth Livingston and Johnathan Dunnavant

Watch as these Round Two contestants pitch their business ideas to a panel of judges from the start up community. Free admission and free refreshments. Please RSVP below.




Results of Round One of the Elevator Pitch

Nearly 100 students and guests piled into Fletcher 114 on Oct. 12 to attend the 5th Annual UTC Student Elevator Pitch Competition.  Dr. Beverly Brockman, department head of Marketing & Entrepreneurship, welcomed the crowd and laid down the ground rules.  Each selected student pitch-er was given two minutes to pitch their venture idea with an additional three minutes of Q and A from the Entrepreneurship faculty judges.  The flow of the event was assisted along with the comedic student emcee, Donald Marsh (founder of New View Window Cleaners) who performs regularly at JJ’s  Bohemian comedy club.  Prior year pitch alumni shared their advice between rounds.

Ten brave students pitched their venture ideas to the crowd:

Kenzie Butera with Park U, an app idea tapping into existing security camera feeds to show both open parking spaces and provide a sense of security to students looking for parking.

Christina Landreth with Finding Fito, an app idea she created with fellow student Jenna Caraccilo, which syncs with your dog’s collar to locate a missing pet with ease rather than having to have a computer chip inserted.

Spencer DuBose with Kenai Mountaineering Company, a hybrid backpack that combines your school, camping, and hiking backpacking needs into one.

Yasmari Cubilete with Solar Panel and Storage (SPS), an idea for solar energy shingles that are more attractive for your home than large solar panels.   She worked on this pitch with Christine Danh and Blake Tutton through her co-disciplinary course with ENGR 3850 Interdisciplinary Design Project and ETR 3400 New Venture Creation.

Jalessa Monroe with Comfy ER, an idea for a vending machine for hospital waiting rooms that provides comfort items such as blankets, neck pillows, and other convenience items family members in waiting rooms may have not had time to grab on their way to the hospital.

D’Anna Farrar with Paint Tray Saver, a utility-patented product for a plastic sleeve that conforms to your paint tray and then easily removes, saving the DIYer time with paint clean up.

Franz Raaf with ARROGANZ, a global fashion line with an international following of minimalist designed fashions through the site www.Arroganzfashion.com.

Rex Howard, Jr. with Fuel’d Up Smoothies, a street cart with nutritious smoothies for the college student; a focus on healthy affordable meal replacements within walking distances of university campuses.

Wil Pope with Collrz, a portable fencing geosensor for your pet that replaces the need for traditional and electric fencing; Collrz will be an app that allows you to set a perimeter for your pet, invest in a specialized collar, and not worry about the expense of a traditional fence.

Jamal Dononso and Seth Livingston with E Wheel, a social entrepreneurial venture that improves upon the existing Waterwheel for transporting water back and forth in third world countries; the E Wheel would store power created on the trip to the water source and then utilize that power to assist in returning the full water barrel back to the village.  They worked on this pitch with Johnathan Dunnavant through their co-disciplinary course with ENGR 3850 Interdisciplinary Design Project and ETR 3400 New Venture Creation.

Five of the venture ideas were selected by the panel of judges (Entrepreneurship faculty Dr. Diane Halstead, Dr. Phil Roundy, and Prof. Emma Morris) to advance to Round Two of the Elevator Pitch. 

The winners of Round One are Park U with Kenzie Butera, Finding Fito with Christina Landreth and Jenna Caraccilo, Paint Tray Saver with D’Anna Farrar, Collrz with Wil Pope, and E Wheel with Jamal Dononso, Seth Livingston, and Johnathan Dunnavant.

The winners of Round Two will receive a prize of $2000 and the runner up will receive $1000.  Round Two will be held on Monday, November 7th from 3:30-5:00 PM at the Edney Innovation Center located just off campus at the corner of Market & Houston Streets.

These events would not happen without the generous support of our financial sponsors: UTC College of Business, the Clarence E. Harris Chair of Excellence in Business and Entrepreneurship, Launch Tennessee, and CoLab.  We also are able to provide business mentorship through CoLab, Miller & Martin, Lamp Post Group, and Funding$age.

Please join us in congratulating all of our student participants! 

~Laura Perryman, Entrepreneurship Department






Video examples from previous  Pitch Competitions:

Daniel Taylor, Ladder Levelizer

Grace McPherson, Level Up

Doug Grindstaff, LA Mist

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