John R. Garrett is the University of Chattanooga Foundation Professor of Economics where he specializes in macroeconomics ( Econ 1010 and Econ 3250 ), monetary economics ( Econ 3010 ) and studies of the business cycle and macroeconomic policy ( Econ 4970 and Econ 4999r ). He graduated from Bucknell University and has his Ph.D. from the University of Massachusetts.

Econ 3250, Intermediate Macroeconomics, is a required course for Economics majors, and provides a rigorous grounding in the complex theories of inflation, prosperity and the business cycle. This requires proficiency in Algebra and analytical graphing skills. Econ 3010 is a “softer” alternative that gives an in depth exploration of macroeconomic policy without as much analytical rigor as 3250. It is therefore more accessible to non-majors for whom a grounding in macroeconomics is useful in gaining an understanding of their majors. History, political science, finance, entrepreneurship, general business and accounting majors cannot possibly understand their fields without grasping macroeconomics.

Dr. Garrett’s research papers cover several fields, including financial market structure, financial regulation, monetary theory, monetary history, and defense spending. His papers have appeared in the Review of International Business, the Cambridge Journal of Economics, the Working Paper Series of the International Monetary Fund, the Journal of Economic History, monographs from the World Bank and the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas, and in other journals.

Dr. Garrett served as a guest professor at the University of Cologne and the University of Bonn as a Senior Fulbright Research Professor. His post-doctoral studies include fellowships at the University of Bremen and Princeton University.

Dr. Garrett is married to a successful, busy professional and enjoys the challenge of meshing the two careers while raising a lively sixteen year old boy (currently learning to drive a manual (oh my clutch !) and complaining about his math homework) and a smart, beautiful and opinionated twenty year old daughter (currently enjoying University life).