Hire a Business Student or Business Graduate

The Career Development office in the College of Business Decosimo Success Center posted more than 500 internships and job openings to students last year. We want to increase the number of positions filled by UTC students and graduates!

The Career Development office provides the following services to connect employers with business students:

  • Information table opportunities in Fletcher Hall to create visibility for open positions.
  • Active positions sent directly to eligible College of Business students and recent graduates.
  • Additional position advertisement on active LinkedIn alumni page for experienced roles.
  • Registration assistance for Symplicity (UTC online job board available to all UTC students/alumni).
  • Interview rooms available in Fletcher Hall to provide commonplace to students and employers.


Students are excited about launching their career through the College of Business and working with local employers! To request information about advertising internships or jobs to students/graduates in the College of Business, please contact Irene-hillman@utc.edu.