Be A Guest Speaker

A large part of career development is building a bridge for students to business professionals and exploring special topics. We partner with College of Business clubs and interested faculty to find guest speakers for their meetings or to cover class meetings in case of a planned faculty absence. 

Additionally, professionals are encouraged to play a part in the revamped curriculum for Success Seminar: Career Development, which puts students in the driver’s seat for their career launch and professional development. The course is held on Monday afternoons and is available to both Juniors and Seniors. Learning goals include:

  • Develop focus in career choices and prepare for career launch by identifying unique skill sets, developing required job-hunting materials, and adopting optimal practices to be marketable for employment.
  • Demonstrate ability to network strategically through multiple venues and in diverse groups.


Guest Speaker Areas of Interest

Guest speakers are a large part of this engaging course that brings the class subjects to life. If you are particularly passionate about one of the following topics, please let us know! 

  • The Need for Deliberate Preparation for a Successful Career Hunt and Launch (overarching mission)
  • The Importance of Personal Reflection for Career Happiness
  • Conducting Career and Company Research
  • Identifying Key Skills
  • Resume Keywords (And How Online Applicant Tracking Systems and LinkedIn Have Changed the Game)
  • Writing a High Impact Resume that Highlights Potential versus Experience
  • The Power of Professional Associations (And Which Ones are Right for You)
  • Working a Room & Making an Awesome First Impression through a Well-Developed Quick Pitch
  • Acing Interviews
  • How to Overcome the No Experience, No Job Paradox (Interning, Volunteer, Insider, Projects, etc.)
  • Writing a Strong Cover Letter
  • Strategic Networking
  • Informational Interviewing
  • How to Create and Leverage Personal Branding
  • The Soft Skills Every Employer Seeks
  • Resources for Organizing and Executing a Job Hunt
  • Finding Success in Year One
  • Closing the Generation Gap
  • Making a Personal Budget
  • Evaluating an Offer & Understanding Benefit Options
  • Smart Negotiations
  • Exposure to Graduate Programs and Professional Certifications
  • Adopting the Right Attitude for Career Advancement: Never Stop Learning


To request information about serving as a guest speaker at the College of Business, please reach out and share your company information with