Meteora, Greece

Meteora, Greece 

Valbona, Albania

Valbona, Albania 

Skopje, Macedonia

Skopje, Macedonia 

Prizren, Kosovo

Prizren, Kosovo 

Spring 2019

International Business Experience Course:



“It’s the best way to get a better global understanding of business abroad. The experience was invaluable by adding practicality to theory. Besides the educational benefits, it’s just fun. The whole time you don’t know you are learning.”  -College of Business International Business Experience Student


INSTRUCTOR: Dr. Beni Asllani, Professor of Management, UTC College Of Business

STUDY TRIP DATES: May 5-16, 2019

  • Undergraduate Students- 3 credit-hour course (MGT 4950) that counts as a general business elective
  • Graduate Students- 3-credit hour course (MGT 5950) that counts as MBA or MAcc elective
  • Note: Non-business majors should contact their academic advisors for more information about how this course might count in their programs.

During the past decade, the Balkans region has made tremendous progress, moving from war to peace, from disintegration to cooperative development, and has implemented democratic and economic reforms on the path to a Euro-Atlantic future. This course will focus on creating an understanding of the economic, political, cultural and social factors in the Balkans. During the international trip, several countries will be explored and considered as a business location, including Albania, Greece, Kosovo, & Macedonia.

This course is designed to provide students with a truly real-world experience in international business, where they will gain an understanding of the Balkan culture and learn the challenges and opportunities of doing business in the Balkans. Students will also participate in business visits and discussions with business leaders and professors, while exploring the story of Albania, Greece, Kosovo, and Macedonia, with all of their intrigue, rich culture, diverse architecture, and beautiful nature.

*No prior business coursework required.*

Undergraduate Students- 1) Open to any major with at least junior standing, 2) 2.5 minimum GPA

Graduates Students- 3.0 minimum GPA

No foreign language knowledge needed.

Includes business, university, and cultural visits.  Cities visited include Butrint, Saranda, Tirana, Valbona, Vlora (Albania), Ioannina, Meteora, Thessaloniki (Greece), Skopje (Macedonia), & Prizren (Kosovo). Most evenings are free time for students.

    • Program fee-(estimated $2200)- covers lodging, breakfasts and lunches, ground coach transportation, tour guide, tours and associated admission fees
    • Airfare- (estimated $1200-$1500 from Atlanta)
    • Cost of three-hour credit course (Because of the UTC tuition cap, if you already plan to take 12 undergraduate hours or nine graduate hours in spring 2019 & add this course to that schedule, you wouldn’t have to pay for this course’s regular maintenance fee/fee costs for its three-credit hours. See the UTC Bursar's Office fee schedule for information about those costs. Please note that the COB differential fee, $57/credit hour, is not included in this cap and still will be assessed even if you have met the University's tuition cap.)
    • Financial aid can be used to help pay these related course costs.

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STUDY TRIP CALENDAR (Tentative with sample itinerary)

Course Flyer (For a more detailed itinerary, see the course flyer.)



DAY 1- May 5
Fly from Chattanooga or Atlanta to Tirana (Albania)
DAY 2-May 6
Arrive Tirana (Albania) 
DAY 3-May 7
 Tirana (Albania) —Vlora (Albania)
DAY 4-May 8
Vlora (Albania)— Llogara Pass (Albania)—Himara (Albania)—Saranda (Albania)
DAY 5-May 9
Saranda (Albania)—Butrint (Albania)—Ioannina (Greece)—Meteora (Greece)
DAY 6-May 10
Meteora (Greece)—Thessaloniki (Greece)
DAY 7-May 11
Thessaloniki (Greece) 
DAY 8-May 12
Thessaloniki (Greece)—Skopje (Macedonia)
DAY 9-May 13
 Skopje (Macedonia)—Prizren (Kosovo)—Valbona (Albania)
DAY 10-May 14
Valbona (Albania)—Koman Ferry—Shkodra (Albania)—Tirana (Albania)
DAY 11-May 15
Tirana (Albania)
DAY 12-May 16
Tirana (Albania)—Transfer to Tirana airport for departure to U.S.