What Our Students and Alumni Say about the MBA...

Pursuing your MBA is a big decision. We understand the importance of selecting a program that fits both your lifestyle and your career ambitions. Take a look at their MBA stories … each one a story of triumph and success, shared by students and alumni who were once in your shoes. Learn why an MBA from The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga was their number one option. And why it should be yours, too.


100% Online MBA

“I was drawn to the fully Online MBA program because I have been living abroad for two years and needed an MBA program that I could trust, would provide great instruction, and would allow me the flexibility to learn on my own time while living and working full-time on another continent.  My instruction has been great, my professors amazingly helpful, and I’ve enjoyed working with my classmates on group projects. Even though it’s not a traditional classroom setting, the courses are laid out in such a way that I am able to apply my newly learned knowledge to real-life situations.”

- Kaci Ailey, Current Online MBA Student



"The UTC Rollins College of Business Online MBA Program faculty and staff truly appreciate their students and have a willingness to help students succeed that is indicative of the Chattanooga culture.”

- Krista Caulkins, Current Online MBA Student



 "I chose the MBA program at UTC because of its flexibility and affordable rates for in-state tuition. My main goal was to find a program that was fully accredited (including AACSB) for which I could pay out of pocket without taking out additional loans.  Each professor is knowledgeable, helpful, and an expert in their field. Their ability to answer questions and recommend additional readings is exceptional.  My time at UTC has been fruitful and has helped my career grow - both personally and professionally. My MBA degree has given me a boost in my career even before completing it."

- Michael Rodgers, Current Online MBA Student



“The Online MBA with Business Analytics concentration included challenging courses that applied business decisions to case studies and coursework in the areas of prescriptive and predictive analytics. And, having capstone projects in group settings allowed students to pull from the curriculum that was studied. The program and capstone projects provided insight to new directions I could take my career.”

- Tina Starr, 2018 Online MBA Graduate


Flexible MBA

"The program allowed me to use real world examples and problems rather than made up scenarios.  I found the faculty to be particularly engaging and welcoming in the exchange of ideas and thoughts.  I have found that my education has prepared me exceptionally well to make the board room a level playing field.  Never once have I felt inadequate or unprepared.  I have enjoyed both the campus course and online course experiences equally, and I believe that UTC has succeeded in creating the best of both worlds with the Flexible MBA program. Without question, the program from day one to completion will have enormous value and impact on my career.  I think it has made me a better physician and a better leader."

- C. David Adair, MD, Current Flexible MBA Student



"UTC, particularly the College of Business, has a “family” feel.  I felt very connected with faculty, staff, and other students, and I felt a great sense of belonging.  It was nice to see professors in the hallway and have them call me by name.  My relationships were further deepened once I became a graduate assistant in the College.  The assistantship was a blessing financially, but more importantly, I gained great experience and developed lasting relationships with many faculty and staff."

- Jon Fernander, 2016 MBA Graduate


"UTC is an unbelievable value compared to other colleges of equal caliber. A decision to pursue an MBA at UTC is a smart one that the student will not regret!"

- Dana Humberger, 2016 MBA Graduate


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