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Advising for Flexible MBA, MAcc and Graduate Certificate Programs

The purpose of the Graduate Advising Center is to provide students assistance with academic planning, pre-registration advisement and graduation planning. College of Business Advisors are available year-round to discuss academic concerns, degree requirements, GPA concerns, petition requests and other academic or administrative needs.  

Meet Your Advisor

Elizabeth Bell

Elizabeth Bell 

Director of Graduate Programs

Fletcher Hall 207-B





Current Class Schedules


Advising and Registration Policies

      • Currently enrolled MBA, MAcc, and business certificate students- not required to be advised prior to registering

      • Non-degree Graduate Students and New Business Graduate Students- do need to be advised by either email, phone, or in person prior to registering.
      • Summer 2018 Registration - Begins March 19 for currently enrolled students. The University should be posting its official Summer 2018 course schedule during February 2018.


 Spring 2018 Advising & Registration Instructions:

Spring 2018 Registration Dates & Deadlines:  

  • Priority registration for currently enrolled business graduate students in November 6-17, 2017. (UTC's MBA, MAcc, & Business Certificate students have a special priority registration schedule based on the number of program courses completed. (See below for the SP18 COB Graduate Student Priority Registration Schedules)
  • Last day to register: Sunday, January 14
  • SP18 classes begin: Monday, January 8


  • Currently enrolled MBA, MAcc, and business certificate students- not required to be advised prior to registering
  • Non-degree Graduate Students and New Business Graduate Students- do need to be advised by either email, phone, or in person prior to registering.



Instructions for Registering:

-Find out what you have taken and what you have left to take.

Refer to MyMocs Degree, a web-based tool to help monitor progress towards graduation. It combines degree requirements and the coursework completed in an easy-to-read evaluation that allows students to view their progress toward a degree.  (NOTE: Business graduate students' prerequisite/background requirements won't show up on My MocsDegree as needed classes but will appear once those classes have been taken. If you are unsure of your program prerequisites, contact your advisor.)

To access MyMocs Degree follow the instructions below.

1.Go to MyMocsNet.

2.Enter your UTCID & Password.

3.Students go to the ‘Academics’ tab –Located in middle of page.

4.Click on the link to MyMocsDegree.


-Find out what courses are being offered that meet your program requirements.

Refer to the MBA, MAcc, and Graduate Certificate Class Schedules on the COB web site at


-If you would like to be advised, you are welcome to do so by phone, email, or in person.

Email Elizabeth Bell ( if you want to be advised. Prior to advising, please look at your MyMocs Degree and the summer class schedule as well as come up with a tentative summer schedule.

  • Where is my alternate PIN?
    • Beginning with Spring 2018 course registration, the University will no longer use alternate PINs in registering for, dropping, or adding courses.
  • What is the advising hold & when will it be removed so that I can register?
    • Beginning with Spring 2018 course registration, the University will use new advising holds to ensure that students who need advising will be advised before registering for courses. All current business graduate students automatically will have this advising hold removed by 8:30 a.m. on their registration date as indicated below in the SP18 Business Graduate Student Priority Registration Schedule. Newly admitted graduate students and non-degree graduate students will need to be advised via phone, email, or in person to have this advising hold removed.
  • Closed Class Errors: If you try to register for a class with a capacity of zero, email for a closed class override.
  • Waiting Lists: To be added to a waiting list for a full class, email 
  • Prerequisite Errors: If you don't have the exact stated prerequisites for a class, when you try register you will get a prerequisite error. If you have the required prerequisite because you took the undergraduate equivalent to the listed prerequisite (e.g. you took undergraduate Business Statistics I & II instead of MGT 5710, the listed prerequisite for MGT 5830), contact Elizabeth Bell ( in the COB Graduate Programs Office so that she can issue you a prerequisite override.



SPRING 2018 Priority Registration Schedule for Business Graduate Students:

Your SP18 advising hold will be removed by 8:30 a.m. on the first day you are able to register according to the schedule below. Unless you are in an early registration status group, this schedule supersedes the registration date/time ticket provided by the UTC Records Office in MyMocsNet. Students in early registration groups as noted in MyMocsNet will have their advising hold removed on the first day of early registration.


Number of Classes Left to Complete Your Program*

(*The number that will remain after you have completed the Fall 2017 classes FOR WHCH YOU ARE REGISTERED.)


Registration  Beginning Date

Your advising hold will be removed by 8:30 a.m. on this day.

(The University won't be issuing or using alternate PINs beginning with spring 2018 course registration.)


3 or less

Monday, November 6, 2017

8 or less

Thursday, November 9, 2017

16 or less

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

SP '18 Readmitted Students

(MBA, MAcc, and Business Graduate Certificate Students who took off a fall or spring semester & are resuming their graduate programs in SP18 must submit a readmission application to the UTC Graduate School & be officially readmitted before registering.

Note: This is a University-wide policy that applies to all undergraduate and graudate students. Business graduate students must only submit a new online application to the Graduate School. No additional application materials or application fees are required.)

Monday, November 20, 2017*


*Readmitted students, once the UTC Graduate School readmits you, email your academic advisor requesting your SP18 advising hold be removed so that you can register for SP18 courses. Until officially readmitted, the UTC registration system will not allow you to register for SP18 courses.


Open Registration (Registration for Non-degree students who are not admitted to the Business Graduate Certificate Programs & All New Students Starting Classes SP18)

Note: This group of students requires advising prior to registering and to have your registration hold removed.

 Tuesday, November 21, 2017


Degree Requirements

Below are a few things to keep in mind when working toward your graduate business degree.

You must maintain a 3.0 GPA on all courses taken for graduate credit or you will be put on academic probation and are in danger of being dismissed from the graduate program.

  • No credits earned with grades below C will be accepted for graduate degree requirements.
  • However, grades of D and F are computed into the graduate grade point average.
  • When courses are repeated, all grades are included in computing the graduate grade point average.
  • No grade below a B will be accepted for transfer credit.
  • Students who earn 3 or more grades of C or below in graduate level courses will be dismissed from the MBA or MAcc programs.

The time limit for fulfilling the requirements for a master’s degree is six years. All courses included on the Program of Study must be current at the time of completion of the degree. An extension of time form, available on the Graduate School Web site, can be used to request a one‐time, one‐year extension. The request must be signed by the major professor/adviser and the dean of the college and submitted to the Office of the Graduate School for final approval.