Flexible MBA Application

Applying is a two-part process

An application to the Flexible MBA at UTC consists of application to the UTC Graduate School and application to the UTC Flexible MBA Program.  Each entity has a set of admission’s requirements.  Completing both applications fulfills these requirements and ensures applicants have submitted all required documents.

Part 1:

Apply to the UTC Graduate School

FIRST, decide to which Term and Start Date you plan to apply.

The UTC Flexible MBA operates on parts-of-term and offers two different start dates per semester.



June 27, 2018

FALL 2018


Aug. 20, 2018



January 7, 2019

NEXT, click the button below to complete your Graduate School Application.

NOTE: Your selection will need to match the selection you will make in Part 2 below.

Graduate School Application Page

At the UTC Apply page, choose "Graduate" and then select the term/year to which you want to apply.



Part 2:

Apply to the Flexible MBA Program

Choose the button for the term/year to which you want to apply.

This should match the selection you made in Part 1 above.

Use the login and password you created while completing Part 1 above.

Flexible MBA Summer 2018 Application

Start Date: 

June 27, 2018

Flexible MBA Fall 2018 Application

Start Date: 

August 20, 2018

Flexible MBA Spring 2019 Application 

Start Date: 

January 7, 2019