Degree Requirements for Course of Study in Business Administration


The B.S. in Business Administration focuses on three areas of study, all of which are degree requirements for the undergraduate business program:


  • General education requirements
  • Major and related requirements
  • Concentration requirements


All business majors focus on the same General Education Requirements and Major and Related Requirements over the course of the first two years. The Business Administration curriculum is designed to do two things: (1) Give the student background in the basic disciplines and areas required to fulfill the general education requirements of the University and (2) Prepare a foundation for the advanced courses in business administration to be taken during the junior and senior years.


A complete list of curriculum requirements for each concentration under the B.S. in Business Administration as well as course descriptions, prerequisites and offerings of all undergraduate courses may be found in the current UTC Undergraduate Catalog. Please be sure to also read about General Education requirements (available in the Undergraduate Catalog).