Statement on Service

The Gary W. Rollins College of Business at The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga is committed to providing quality educational programs that provide students with the knowledge, business skills, and professional education necessary for success.

The purpose of this statement is to ensure that the service activities and initiatives of the College fully support its mission, engage the support and participation of its stakeholders and enhance the reputation of the College in the business and academic communities.

Service is defined as the sharing of one's education, experience, and professional expertise with the College's stakeholders, regardless of compensation. Compensated service activities must comply with The University of Tennessee Conflict of Interest Guidelines. The College recognizes that the amount and quality of service activity should be considered in the evaluation of faculty. Meaningful service activities are consistent with the overall mission of the College and share the following three distinguishing characteristics:

  • They enhance the faculty member's teaching and research capabilities.
  • They call upon a faculty member's academic or professional expertise or capacity as a University representative.
  • They directly address real-world problems, issues, interests or concerns.

The College's service can be rendered in three areas, which are the University community, the professional community, and the community at large.

The University Community: Service to the UTC community is broadly defined as participation in activities that advance the interest of the University and the College.

The Professional Community: Service to the professional community is broadly defined as participating in academic and practitioner organizations that are related to one's discipline in a way that enhances the organization's progress.

The Community-at-Large: Service to the community at large is broadly defined as providing education, assistance or professional expertise to individuals and organizations in the Chattanooga community. 

Adopted 3/05/01