About Dr. Mark Mendenhall

Mark E. Mendenhall holds the J. Burton Frierson Chair of Excellence in Business Leadership at the University of Tennessee, Chattanooga. He received his B.S. degree (1980) in psychology and his Ph.D. degree (1983) in social psychology, both from Brigham Young University.  In 1998, he held the Ludwig Erhard Stiftungsprofessur  endowed chair at the University of Bayreuth (Germany), and from 1999-2004 he was a visiting professor at the Europa-Institut at the University of Saarland (Germany). He currently is a visiting professor at the MBA Program at Reykjavik University (Iceland) as well as the Vienna University of Economics and Business.

Dr. Mendenhall is an internationally recognized scholar in the field of global leadership and international human resource management. He has published over 80 academic journal articles and scholarly book chapters in publications including, Academy of Management Review, Journal of International Business Studies, Sloan Management Review, Academy of Management Learning & Education, Human Relations, Organizational Dynamics, Human Resource Management, Management International Review, and Journal of Management Inquiry. Dr. Mendenhall has co-authored numerous books, some of which include:  Global Leadership:  Research, Practice and Development (Routledge); Managing Culture and Human Resources in Mergers and Acquisitions (Stanford University Press); Blackwell Handbook of Global Management:  A Guide to Managing Complexity (Blackwell Publishers); Developing Global Business Leaders: Policies, Processes, and Innovations (Quorum Books); Readings and Cases in International Human Resource Management and Organizational Behavior (Routledge), Developing People Through International Assignments (Addison-Wesley); Global Management (Blackwell Publishers); Global Assignments: Successfully Expatriating and Repatriating International Managers (Jossey-Bass Publishers); and Joseph and Hyrum:  Leading as One (Religious Studies Center, & Deseret Book).

A firm believer in applying findings from the research literature to organizations, he actively consults organizations in the area of global leadership. He is a partner in The Kozai Group, a consultancy that specializes in global leadership identification, assessment, and development.  Some of the firms he has worked with include IBM-Asia Pacific, IBM-Japan, General Motors, JCB, Monsanto, Japan Airlines Corporate Academy, Louisian Pacific, Premier Health, Molex, Blue-Cross Blue-Shield of Tennessee, and The Dixie Group. He has also presented numerous training seminars on leadership and other management-related issues for numerous organizations. Participants attending his seminars have come from such companies as: Mitsui Manufacturers Bank, Whirlpool, Toyota, Xerox, McKee Foods, DuPont, Maytag, ABB Combustion Engineering, Nippon Express, Goldman Sachs, Goldman Sachs Realty, Hitachi, Phizer Consumer, Inc., Ricoh, Sony Ericcson, Sony, Mitsubishi Chemical, JVC, Canon, Mitsubishi Electric, Agilent Technologies, Yokohama Rubber, Pioneer, and Mitsubishi Motors, Conagra, Nuclear Regulatory Agency, Federal Aviation Administration, Tennessee Valley Authority, Combustion Engineering, Velsicol Chemical Corporation, Provident Life & Accident Insurance Co., and Alco Chemical, and the American Heart Association.

He is active in the Academy of Management, and is currently past president of the International Division of that organization.  Dr. Mendenhall has traveled widely and has lived overseas for nine years (New Zealand, Japan, Switzerland, and Germany).  He and his wife Janet have four children—Anthony, Nicole, Alexis, and Zachary.