lobo-bentoBento Lobo, Ph.D., CFA
Head, Department of Finance & Economics
First Tennessee Bank Distinguished Professor of Finance
Email: Bento-Lobo@utc.edu
Phone: 423.425.1700
Office: Fletcher Hall 417-C


CFA Charterholder, CFA Institute, Charlottesville, VA

Ph.D., Financial Economics, The University of New Orleans

M.A., Economics, The University of New Orleans

M.M.S., Finance & Accounting, Bombay University, India

B.A., Economics, St. Xavier's College, Bombay University, India

FIN 4120 - International Finance

FIN 3180 - Financial Institutions 

FIN 3020 - Essentials of Managerial Finance

FIN 3200 - Intermediate Financial Management

UHON 3550 - What will the Fed do? An introduction to Macro-Finance

FIN 5760 - International Finance

FIN 5180 - Financial Institutions

Executive Education Module - Making Sense of Your Business Environment: The Secrets in Economic Indicators

Economic Effects of Broadband

Monetary Policy and Asset Markets

Economics of Higher Education

Oustanding Faculty Teaching Award, UTC (2016) and UTC College of Business (2016)

UTC Council of Scholars Inductee (2014)

Oustanding Service Award, UTC College of Business (2012-2013)

Alpha Society Inductee, UTC (2011)

UTC Summer Research Grant (2014, 2015, 2016)

First Tennessee Bank Distinguished Professorship (July 2011-Present)

Featured Faculty in Cityscope Magazine (2010, 2011) and Chattanooga Today - Year in Review (2009, 2010)

Visiting Scholar, Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta (Fall 2009)

UC Foundation Professorship (2006-Present)

Teaching Learning Technology Faculty Fellows Program (2004-2005)

Oustanding Graduate Teacher - MBA Program, The University of Louisiana, Lafayette (2001)

Toussaint Hocevar Memorial "Oustanding Ph.D. Candidate in Financial Economics" Award, The University of New Orleans (1995)


Member, Financial Management Association

Member, CFA Institute

Board of Directors, CFA Society East Tennessee


Editorial Board, Journal of Business, Economics, and Finance

Editorial Board, Review of Development and Cooperation

Editorial Board, Journal of Risk and Financial Management


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