Student Resources

Students in the College of Arts and Sciences major in fields of study that range from the fine and visual arts to the social and natural sciences.  (See the "Student Profiles" to hear from our majors, graduates, and faculty as they talk about their programs of study.)  Students should visit their major department's homepage for information about advisement, program requirements, opportunities after graduation, and more.  Otherwise, a few useful resources follow.

Advisement (a key to your success at UTC)

Campus Map (find our office, your major department's office, and more)

Class Overrides (when you need to get into a closed class)

ClearPath to Graduation (find your major's map of courses to take in order to progress in a timely manner toward graduation day)

Course Catalogs

Records Office Website (loads of useful information here; get to know it well!)

Scholarship Opportunities - The College of Arts and Sciences - Alex Radin Scholarship, DeForest Spencer Scholarship, Authors and Artists Club Scholarship, in addition  scholarship opportunities offered by UTC or by your major departments.

Students with Disabilities - The Disability Resource Center is an outstanding resource for our students, faculty, and staff.  Seek out the professionals in the DRC office!