Reappointment, Promotion and Tenure

Tenure, promotion, and reappointment are obviously significant milestones in the life of a faculty member on a university campus. And annual performance evaluation is no less important as a time for faculty to receive honest and candid feedback on teaching and advising, service, scholarship and/or creative activity. We pride ourselves, at the department level and in the Dean's office, on recruiting and retaining first rate teachers and scholars. Indeed, we all share a vested interest in the success of our colleagues. With that fact in mind, junior faculty from across the College of Arts and Sciences are invited to attend a series of Fall semester "brown bag" meetings where we shall discuss issues related to tenure and promotion, e.g., seeking out and/or working with a faculty mentor, seeking clarification on tenure and promotion guidelines within your department, documenting your work (teaching and advising effectiveness, service, scholarship, creative work, etc.), organizing tenure and promotion materials, and more. Dates, times, and locations for these brown bag lunch meetings are as follows.  


  • Faculty Handbook, Chapter 3 (Appointment, Evaluation, Promotion, Tenure, and Termination)
  • College of Arts and Sciences Bylaws (forthcoming)

Deadlines and Departmental Bylaws