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Dr. John Tucker
Associate Dean
College of Arts and Sciences
LL.M - Northwestern School of Law, Lewis and Clark College
  (423) 425-4704
  (423) 425-4279
  281 State Office Building
  • Academic Scheduling

academic scheduling during the regular academic year (fall and spring), includes communicating with department heads if/when courses need to be added and/or low-enrolled courses need to be canceled

  • Adjunct Budget

adjunct budget (insofar as this is related to academic scheduling; coordinated with the dean)

  • Strategic Plan

responsible for execution, assessments, and revision of the CAS strategic plan, includes co-chairing the CAS Strategic Plan Committee and managing entries in Compliance Assist (coordinated with the dean)

  • Lecturer Evaluation

annual performance evaluation of all CAS lecturers

  • Scholarships

responsible for coordinating CAS scholarships

  • RTP Guidelines and Policies

responsible for maintaining and communicating promotion and tenure guidelines and policies, includes providing workshops for faculty as they prepare to reappointment, tenure, and/or promotion (coordinated with the dean)

  • Department Head Retreats

participates in professional development retreats with/for department heads, including maintaining the guidebook for department heads

  • Faculty Achievements

assembles faculty achievements from year to year (this will become more automated)

  • Chair CAS Executive Committee

chairs the College of Arts and Sciences Executive Committee (includes coordinating reviewing applications for internal Research and Creative Activity grants as well as reviewing/awarding of supplemental grant for presentations)

  • Curriculum

responsible for curriculum approvals, includes curriculum development and necessary catalog changes; chairs of CAS curriculum committee

  • Curriculum Mapping

responsible for college-wide Curriculum Mapping

  • Program Assessment and Accreditation

-supports departments with program assessments and accreditation compliance

-serves as liaison on assessment and accreditation (connected to Curriculum Mapping)

  • College Awards and Convocation

assists in planning college awards and convocation (and extension of work on the College Council)

  • Program Reviews

tracks and coordinates program reviews