Profile photo of Joe Wilferth
Joe Wilferth
Associate Dean and UC Foundation Professor
Arts & Sciences
  281 State Office Building

Joe Wilferth, Associate Dean of the College of Arts & Sciences, teaches graduate and undergraduate courses in professional writing, environmental rhetoric, rhetorical analysis, and visual rhetoric. Among his more recent publications is a co-edited collection on image events, a peer-reviewed article that focuses on assistive technologies in instructional design, and “Gaining Ground by ‘Thinking Little’: Gardening as Curricular Reform across the Liberal Arts and Sciences" which appeared in the Winter issue (March 2017) of Liberal Education. 

Dr. Wilferth's duties in the College of Arts & Sciences include the following.

  • responsible for the adjunct budget, includes consulting with the dean and working directly with department heads
  • responsible for execution, assessments, and revision of the CAS strategic plan, includes co-chairing the CAS Strategic Plan Committee and managing entries in Compliance Assist
  • responsible for academic scheduling during the regular academic year (fall and spring), includes communicating with department heads if/when courses need to be added and/or low-enrolled courses need to be canceled
  • responsible for annual performance evaluation of our Arts and Humanities lecturers (one-year term faculty)
  • responsible for communication; marketing materials, website, CAS photography; collaborates with the Development Office in this communication
  • responsible for coordinating CAS scholarships
  • responsible for maintaining and communicating promotion and tenure guidelines and policies
  • responsible for coordinating RTR efforts, includes providing workshops for faculty as they prepare to reappointment, tenure, and/or promotion
  • coordinates student retention, recruitment, and student success initiatives, includes serving as liaison with CASS office (e.g., student video profiles)
  • coordinates professional development retreats with/for department heads, including maintaining the guidebook for department heads
  • manages efficiently student grade appeals and grade change petitions
  • assembles faculty achievements from year to year; distributes/promotes achievements via the dean's website
  • assists in planning college awards and convocation
  • chairs the College of Arts and Sciences Executive Committee (includes coordinating reviewing applications for internal Research and Creative Activity grants as well as reviewing/awarding of supplemental grant for presentations)
  • chairs of the ad hoc CAS Budget Committee
  • new hire requests in the Arts and Humanities