All of our advisors are major specific, so depending on what your major is we may have one or more advisor(s) that you can meet with.

If you are not sure who your advisor is, you can look through our Advisors by Major directory.

Arts & Sciences students are required to meet with their advisor at least once a semester, prior to registration for the next term. These advising appointments are opportunities to help with course planning, discuss degree requirements, discuss academic concerns, provide information about campus resources, consider internship opportunities, track graduation progress and much more. While only one appointment is required, we encourage students to meet with their advisor as often as necessary to ensure success!

1. Prior to registration, students are assigned a time ticket, which is a date and time the registration system will be available for changes—this is known as your Registration Date. Time tickets are assigned with priority to students scheduled to graduate during the upcoming term and then to continuing students according to the total credit hours earned (more hours=earlier time ticket). Finding your Registration Date (Time Ticket):

  • Log into MyMocsNet (
  • Click on the “Academics Tab”
  • On the left side of the page, you’ll see text that says: “Prepare for Registration”—click there.
  • Click Prepare for Registration again
  • Choose the next semester.
  • Once posted, your registration date will appear on this page

2. Pay attention to your registration date and schedule your advising appointment accordingly. You will not be able to register unless you’ve met with an advisor. Schedule your advising appointment early!

3. Make sure you know who your advisor is. You can find this on your MyMocsDegree, Student Profile on your My Mocs Net, Advisors by major or on our advisement staff page.

  1. 1. Log-in to MyMocsNet
  2. Click on the Academics Tab
  3. Click on the Navigate link under Academic Quicklinks (top left corner of page)
  4. Once in Navigate, click on “Get Advising” button
  5. Select “Schedule an Advising Appointment” from the drop-down menu
  6. Choose the appropriate reason for wanting to see an advisor (i.e. Advising, Change/Explore Major, etc.)
  7. Select “College of Arts & Sciences (HUB)” for the location
  8. Select your assigned advisor.
  9. Follow the Navigate prompts for selecting an available day and time to meet with your academic advisor. NOTE: Your appointment has not been scheduled yet.
  10. List specific information you wish to discuss in the “comments” box. Please include details to assist your advisor in preparing for your meeting. This may include: any academic concerns you might have, if you are considering changing your major/minor, what course(s) you plan to take, your anticipated graduation date, etc.
  11. Click on “Send Me an Email” and/or “Send Me a Text” button to receive a reminder 24 hours prior to your appointment time. If you would like a reminder text, be sure to include your mobile number.
  12. Review your appointment information and click the “CONFIRM APPOINTMENT” button to complete the scheduling process.
  1. Schedule and keep your appointment—put a note in your phone or on your calendar to remind you of your advising appointment.
  2. Be on time to your appointment—if this is the first time visiting the office, give yourself plenty of time to find us!
  3. Make a list of classes you would like to take.
  4. Write down a list of questions you’d like to ask your advisor.
  5. Always keep any information given to you during the advising appointment.