Dr. Hynd imageDean George Hynd

Dean's Welcome

Welcome to the College of Arts and Sciences at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga. I encourage you to explore the many undergraduate and graduate degree programs we offer.


As the College of Arts and Sciences, we constitute the largest college at the University and offer more than 70 highly acclaimed undergraduate and graduate degree programs. Our 260+ nationally and internationally recognized faculty offer the breadth of degree programs that serve as the academic foundation for all degree programs, professional and technical, at the University. In exploring our thirteen departments, you will find our faculty are truly student-centered consistent with the values associated with offering a liberal arts education; that is, to promote a broad education in the arts, humanities, mathematics, social, biological and physical sciences. By fostering the development of critical thinking skills, the ability to communicate and engage in respectful dialogue, and having the commitment to contributing to the betterment of society, our graduates pursue a remarkable array of employment and post-graduate opportunities available to them.


As we begin the 2017-2018 academic year, we welcome Michael Colvin, the new head of our Mathematics Department.


New full-time faculty members, by department, include:


  • Art – Heath Schultz (Assistant Professor), Ray Padron (Lecturer), and Steven Sewell (Lecturer)
  • Biology, Geology, and Environmental Science – Sarah Farnsley (Lecturer)
  • Chemistry – James Patton (Visiting Assistant Professor), Dominique Belanger (Lecturer)
  • Physics – Luis Sanchez-Diaz (Lecturer) and Kamal Kadel (Lecturer)
  • Communication – Billy Weeks (Lecturer)
  • English – Devori Kimbro (Visiting Lecturer)
  • History – Julia Cummiskey (Assistant Professor) and Luke Manget (Lecturer)
  • Math – Naomi Klingbeil (Lecturer), Matthew Villanueva (Lecturer), and Michael Corley (Lecturer)
  • Modern and Classical Languages and Literature – Bernardo Amparan (Lecturer)
  • Performing Arts (Theatre) – Kim Davis (Visiting Lecturer/Costume Designer)
  • Political Science and Public Service – Saeid Golkar (Visiting Assistant Professor)
  • Psychology – Kristen Jennings Black (Assistant Professor)
  • Social, Cultural, and Justice Studies (Anthropology) – Chandra Ward (Assistant Professor)


Please take the time to visit our departments and learn about the many exciting degree programs and experiential learning opportunities we offer. Also, I encourage you to read our College magazine as you will be amazed at the accomplishments of our faculty, alumni and students!


Again, welcome and best wishes for terrific 2017-18 academic year!



G. Hynd 

George W. Hynd

Dean, College of Arts & Sciences