Career Maps for Arts and Sciences Majors

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A comprehensive view of the opportunities available for your major from day one at UTC to your career opportunities after graduation.

These career maps provide a general blueprint of how to navigate your undergraduate program. The maps highlight quality experiences to supplement your coursework and identify academic milestones for years one through four.

Take advantage of the rich resources the university and Chattanooga community have to offer as you prepare for post-college years.

During your time here, forge connections, participate in organizations and utilize exploratory learning options to gain real-world experiences outside of the classroom.


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Anthropology Career Map Behavioral and Social Sciences

Archaeology, Biological Anthropology, Forensic Anthropology, Cultural Anthropology, Linguistic Anthropology, Cultural Resource Management, Design, Marketing Research, Corporate Organizational Development, Tourism/Heritage, Social Impact Assessment, Gallery Curator/Project Designer, Interpretive and Cultural Park Ranger, Zoological Park Staff Member, Zoo, Social Science Researcher, Research Assistant, Statistician, Community Research Liaison, Data Analysis, Urban Planning, Ethnic/Cultural Studies, Forensic Anthropologist, Immigration Specialist, Community Development, Historic Preservation, Museum, Curation, Human Rights/Social Justice Advocacy, International/National Public Health, International Development, Humanitarian Efforts, Social Impact Assessment


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Art Career Map Fine and Performing Arts Studio Art, Independent Practice (Painting, Sculpture, etc.), Illustration, Video Production, Cinematography, Fabrication, Portraiture, Design, Art Direction, Website Design, Innovation, Advertising and Marketing, Product Development, Publication, Printing Arts Administration, Academic Administration, Nonprofit Management, Event Organization, Community Activism and Social Justice Work, Outreach Development Museums and Galleries, Museum/Gallery Preparation, Exhibition Curation, Museum Registrar, Education Director, Education, K-12 Education, Continuing Education, Tutoring, Art History, Research Assistance, Criticism, Collection Management, Art Conservation, Historical Preservation, Appraisal/Consultancy, Art Therapy , Counseling Services (Private and Public), Wellness Practice, Disability Advocacy


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Biology Career Map Natural Sciences and Mathematics Research, Conservation and Restoration, Ecology, Evolution and Behavior, Environmental and Human Health, Geology, Geospatial Sciences, Microbiology, Molecular Biology, Cell and Physiology, Systematics and Biodiversity, Internships, Erlanger Health System, Crabtree Farms, Chattanooga Zoo, Tennessee Valley Authority, Refection Riding Arboretum and Nature Center, City of Chattanooga, Tennessee Aquarium, Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation, Basic and Applied Research and Development, Quality Assurance and Control, Crime Scene Technician, Laboratory Technician, Grant Writing and Administration, Health Care, Allied Health: Physical Therapy Assistant, Food and Drug Administration, Medical Technologist, Public Health Departments, Organism/Ecological Biology, Conservation Biology, Park Ranger, Environmental Protection and Regulation, Fish and Wildlife Conservation, Food Science, Marine Biology, Communication, Technical Writing and Editing, Illustrating, Bioinformatics, Algorithm and Statistical Techniques, Data Analysis and Interpretation, Information Management, Education, Elementary, Secondary, Post-secondary Education, Museum Curator, Non-classroom Education, Business/Industry, Marketing, Technical and Pharmaceutical Sales, Sample Advance Study Options, Physician or Veterinary Medicine, Physical and Occupational Therapy, Dentistry, Public Health Officer, Hospital Administration, Research Scientist


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Chemistry Career Map Natural Sciences and Mathematics Internships and Outreach, Creative Discovery Museum, Tennessee Student Environmental Alliance, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Unilever, National Science Foundation Research Experience, Computational and Experimental Research on Quinone Reactivity, Fundamental Nuclear Physics Research with the Nab Experiment at Oak Ridge N. L., Journey to Biochemical & Toxicological Research, New Bismuth Catalysts for Organic Reactions in Aqueous solution, Photoacoustic Spectroscopy: Light in and Sound out, False Positives: Organic Gunshot Residues at the Firing Range, Food and World, Consumer Product Chemist, Environmental Chemist, Food and Flavor Chemist, Agricultural Chemist, Water Chemist Health, Medical Doctor, Physician's Assistant, Dentist, Pharmacist, Optometrist, Oil and Petroleum Chemist, Polymer Chemist, Pulp and Paper Chemist, Textile Chemist, Quality Control Chemist Legal and Crime, Forensic Investigator, Lawyer (Patent Law), Analytical Chemist Life, Biomedical Researcher, Biochemistry Researcher, Biotechnology Worker, Medicinal Chemist Materials, Materials Scientist, Hazardous Waste Manager, Inorganic or Catalysis Chemist, Organic Chemist Sales and Business, Technical Sales Person, Pharmaceutical Salesperson, Chemical Sales Person, Research and Development Management People and Knowledge, High School Teacher, College Professor, Chemical Information Specialist, Science Writer


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Communications Career Map Humanities Nonprofit Public Relations, American Cancer Society, American Hiking Society, Chattanooga Metropolitan Airport Authority, Chattanooga Nature Center, Public Education Foundation (PEF), Tennessee Legislative Internship Program, Tennessee Valley Public Power Association, For-proft Public Relations, Agencies, Advertising and Marketing, Athlon Sports, Blissful Moments Wedding & Event Planning, BlueCross BlueShield of Tennessee, CBL Properties, Crabtree Farms, Derryberry PR, Foresight Management Development Co., UNUM, U.S. Xpress Inc., Volkswagen, Writing Publication/Magazine, Chattanooga Times Free Press, Detroit News,, The Parent Magazine, The Pulse, Broadcasting (Television, Radio and other production facilities), Brewer Media Group, Deaton Flanigen Productions, Full Media, Hits 96 Radio, WTCI-TV/PBS, Business, Sales, Customer Service, Management, Insurance: Underwriting, Claims Management and Sales, Real Estate: Property Management and Sales, Human Resources, Training and Development, Labor Relations, Writing/Editing, Corporate Communication, Office Management, Public Relations/Advertising, Public Relations, Advertising, Marketing, Corporate Public Affairs, Investor Relations, Development, Event Coordination, Media Analysis/Planning, Creative Directing, Writing/Editing, Audience Analysis, Public Opinion Research, Media, Writing, Editing, Copywriting, Publishing, ProducingManaging/Directing, Research, Media Sales, Media Planning, Broadcasting, Nonprofit, Administration, Management, Grant Writing, Writing/Editing, Fundraising/Development, Public Relations, Volunteer Coordination, Government, City or Town Management, Community Affairs, Campaigning, Legislative Assistance, Public Information, Research, Lobbying, Conflict Negotiation, Program Administration, General Services, Social Services, Foreign Service, Legislative, Executive or, Judicial services, Law, Higher Education 

Criminal Justice

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Criminal Justice Career Map Behavioral and Social Sciences Local and State Law Enforcement, Police Officer, Sheriff's Deputy, State Trooper, Process Server, Crime Analyst Federal Law Enforcement, DEA, FBI, ATF, Secret Service Corrections, Court Liaison, Victim Advocate, Victim/Witness Coordinator, Court Officer, Courts, Court Liaison, Victim Advocate, Victim/Witness Coordinator, Court Officer District Attorney/Public Defender, Investigator, Law Enforcement Liaison Probation and Parole, Probation Officer, Parole Officer, Juvenile Probation Officer Sample of Advanced Study Options, MSCJ, Law School, PhD


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English Career Map Humanities Writing/Editing, Creative Writing Novels: Fiction and Nonfiction Poetry, Plays, Screenplays and Scripts, Greeting Cards, Lyrics/Jingle, Writing, Journalism, Writing and Reporting, Editing, Critique, Freelance Writing, Technical Communication, Technical Writing, Editing, Science Writing, Medical Writing, Grant Writing, Proposal Writing, Software and Hardware Documentation, Information Technology Writing, Human-Computer, Interface Design, Corporate Communications and Training Mechanical Communication, Publishing, Editing, Publicity Advertising/Sales Marketing Circulation Promotion, Production Administration, Advertising, Creative Services, Copywriting Art, Direction, Web Page Design, Account Management, Media Account Planning, Production Education, Higher Education, Administration, Admissions, financial aid, academic advising and support, Student Affairs, Development/Alumni Affairs, International Education and Study Abroad, Information/Library Science, Non-classroom Teaching, English as a Second Language, Research, Teaching, Tutoring, Administration, Public Relations, Account Coordinator, Media Relations, Writing Social Media, Editing Account Management Research, Fundraising, Law, Law Assistant, Prosecution, Defense, Contractual, Corporate, Nonprofit or Public Interest, Government Mediation, Lobbying Business Management, Human Resources, Customer Service, Insurance Claims and Sales and Marketing, Underwriting

Environmental Science

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Environmental Science Career Map Natural Sciences and Mathematics Industry/Business, Environmental Consultant, Project Manager, Remote Sensing and Imagery Analysis, Wetland Delineation Specialist, Environmental Planner, Soil Scientist, Wetland Permitting Specialist, Field Technician, GIS Technician, Environmental Audit Specialist, Lab Technician, Hazardous Waste Technician, Environmental Compliance Manager, Environmental Planner, Environmental Remediation Technician, Regulatory Compliance Specialist, Map Specialist, Communications Officer, Social/Economic Environmental Scientist, Public Relations Specialist, Endangered Species Relocation Scientist, Forest Ranger, Biologist, Toxicologist, Public Health, Endangered Species Specialist, Park Ranger, Remote Sensing/Imagery Analysis Specialist, Hazardous Waste Technician, Fish and Wildlife Officer, Stormwater Management Specialist, GIS Technician, Environmental Planner, Air Pollution Permitting Specialist, Wetland Permitting Specialist, Regional Planner, Water Pollution Permitting Specialist, Wetland Delineation Specialist, Environmental Scientist, Environmental Remediation Technician, Regulatory Specialist


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Geology Career Map Natural Sciences and Mathematics Engineering Geologist, Hydrogeologist, Mudlogger, Wellsite Geologist, Economic Geologist, Petroleum Geologist, Project Geologist, Exploration Geologist, Environmental Consultant, Project Manager, Environmental Planner, Field/Lab Technician, Map Specialist, Staff Geologist, Soil Scientist, Park Ranger, Forest Ranger, Materials Analyst, Urban/Regional Planner 


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History Career Map Humanities Local and State Government, Public Policy, Regional Planning, City or Town Management, Legislative Executive or Judicial Services Program, Administration, General Services, Community Affairs, Social Services, Law Enforcement, Federal Government, Public Policy, Research, Intelligence, Foreign Service, Law Enforcement, General Services, Legislative Executive or Judicial Services, Program Administration, Nonprofit Administration, Management, Public Relations, Program Coordination, Fundraising/Development, Grant Writing, Writing/Editing, Volunteer Coordinator, Community Education, Law, Prosecution, Defense, Contractual, Corporate Nonprofit or Public Interest, Government Mediation, Information Sciences/ Curatorial and Archival Management, Acquisition, preservation, arrangement, cataloguing/categorizing, exhibition/installation, describing, analyzing, authenticating, maintaining records, library administration, research, Education Primary and Secondary, Teaching, administration, library services, Higher Education, Community Education, Business, Sales Management, Office Administration, Human Resources, Training and Development, Public Relations, Writing/Editing, Media, Editing, Reporting Circulation Sales, Publishing Electronic Media, News Programming 


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Mathematics Career Map Natural Sciences and Mathematics Simulation, Numerical, Methods and Analysis, Statistics and Probability, Engineering Analysis, Differential Equations Operations, Research, Discrete Mathematics, Accounting and Finance, Computer Programming, Computer Systems Analysis, Operations, Sales and Marketing Management, Actuarial Science, Engineering Analysis and Control of Processes, Optimization and Scheduling of Resources Education, Teaching Research, Higher Education Administration, Computers, Programming Systems, Development Systems, Analysis Software Development, Network Administration, Web Administration, Technical Support Training, Insurance, Actuarial Science, Risk management/Assessment, Loss management/Control, Underwriting Banking and Finance, Corporate and Consumer, Credit Analysis, Commercial Lending, Trust Management, Capital Services and Mergers and Acquisitions, Mortgage Loans, Originations and Packaging, Branch Management Operations, Cash Management, Credit scoring and Risk Management, Private Banking, Financial Analysis, Investment Banking, Purchasing Industrial sales, Consumer Product Sales, Financial Services, Sales Services, Sales Advertising, Sales E-commerce, Customer Service, Sales Management

Modern & Classical Languages & Literature

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Modern & Classical Languages & Literature Career Map Humanities Interpreter, Translator, Attorney, Journalist, Internation Relations Specialist, Teacher or Professor, Librarian, Copywriter, Court Interpreter, Editor, Publisher, Careers in film and entertainment 


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Music Career Map Fine and Performing Arts Music Therapy Performance Music Journalism Conducting Law Composing Music Analysis Arranging Education, Teaching, Research, Private lessons Music Libraries, Services to faculty, students, patrons, Reference, Circulation, Collection Development, Research, Technical Services: Acquisitions, Cataloging, System Automation, Indexing/Abstracting, Archives Communications (Broadcasting), Music and Program Direction, On-Air Performance, Promotion, Voiceovers, Copyright/Clearance Administration, Music License Administration, Music Editing, Production and Composing, Sound Mixing, Post Production, Research Behind the Scenes, Audio Technician, Boom Operator, General Director, Music Video Producer, Recording Engineer, Set Up, Recordist, Re-Recording Mixer, Sound Engineer, Sound Technician, Sound/Production Mixer, MIDI Engineering, Stage Manager, Transcribing, Copyrighting, Music Industry/Business Publishing and Editing, Producing, Recording, Engineering, Administration, Manufacturing, Talent Acquisition, Artist/Talent Representation, Promotion/Media Relations, Publicity, Booking, Product Management, Business Management, Retail Sales, Marketing 

Philosophy & Religion

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Philosophy & Religion Career Map Humanities Counselor, Diplomat, Journalist, Religious Leader, Social Worker, Theologian Business (particularly international business), Education, Law, Medicine


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Physics Career Map Natural Sciences and Mathematics Research and Testing, Acoustical Physicist, Astrophysicist, Biophysicist, Chemical Physicist, Geophysicist, Nuclear Physicist, Health, Medical/Health Physicist, Biophysicist, Industry Acoustical Physicist, Astrophysicist, Biophysicist, Chemical Physicist, Geophysicist, Life, Biophysicist, Medical Physicist, Geophysicist, Materials, Materials Scientist, Hazardous Waste Manager, Sales and Business, Technical Sales Person, Research and Development, Management, Education, High School Teacher, College Professor, Science Writer

Political Science

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Political Science Career Map Behavioral and Social Sciences Advocate/Organizer, Government Relations Manager, Public Interest Advocate, Grassroots Organizer, Public Policy Analyst, Association/Nonprofit Manager or, Staffer, Human Resources Specialist, Public Relations, Banking/Political Risk Manager, Human Rights Officer, Researcher, Budget Analyst, Import Export Manager, Social Services Advocate, Campaign Worker, Information Technology Officer, State/Local Government, CIA Agent, Intelligence Specialist or Analyst, Strategic Planning, City Housing Administrator, International Business Analyst, Trade Policy Analyst, City Planner/Manager, International Research Specialist, University Administrator, Civilian Consultant for the Department of Defense, Juvenile Justice Specialist, Urban Policy Planner, Community Relations Director, Labor Relations Specialist, White House Advisor, Congressional Committee Staff Member, Legal Investigator, Congressional Research Service, Legislative Director/Analyst, Lobbyist, Corporate Legislative Issues Manager, Media Specialist, Corporate Planning/Public Affairs Manager, Mediator, Corporate Social Policy, Nonprofit Employee, County Commission or City Council Member, Interest Group, Public Policy Analyst, County Economic Development Officer, Paralegal, County Treasurer, Parole/Probation Officer, Development Director, Peace Corps Worker, Education Policy Analyst, Police Officer/Administrator, Educator/Teacher, Peace Corps Worker, Environmental Policy Analyst, Policy Analyst/Development/, Researcher, FBI Agent, Political Action Committee, Federal or State Agency Employee, Political Consultant, Financial Services, Political Correspondent, Foreign Affairs Specialist, Political Director, Foreign Service Officer/United, Nations Diplomat, Politician, Foundation Employer, Pollster, Fundraiser, Professor, General Accounting Officer/, Evaluator, Public Affairs Specialist


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Psychology Career Map Behavioral and Social Sciences Human Services, Counseling, Psychotherapy, Applied, Behavior, Analysis, Art Therapy, Case Management, Mental Health Services, Physical Health and Wellness, Crisis Work, Rehabilitation Services, Performance, Enhancement, Testing/Assessment, Law Enforcement, Advocacy, Programming, Community Relations, Management, Development/Fundraising, Grant Writing, RESEARCH, Social Research, Market Research, Data Analysis, Testing/Test Development, Experimental Psychology, Neuroscience, Industrial and Organizational, Psychology, Education, Teaching, Adult Learning/Community, Instruction (GED classes, life skills, parenting, etc.), Information/Library Science, Higher Education Administration and Student Support Services, HUMAN Resources, Employment and Recruitment, Selection, Labor Relations, Compensation and Benefits, Organizational Development, Training, Business, Industry Sales, Customer Service, Public Relations, Marketing, Advertising, Insurance: Claims, Management & Underwriting, Product Design Management, Real Estate: Sales and Property Management


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Sociology Career Map Behavioral and Social Sciences Social Services/Public Services, Caseworker, Youth/Elderly Services, Rehabilitation, Federal or State Agencies, Non Profit/Community Advocacy, Social Science, Researcher, Research Assistant, Statistician, Community Research Liaison, Data Analysis, Urban Planning, Program Support, Immigration Specialist, Education, Primary/Secondary Education, Childcare, ESL Instructor/Teaching English Abroad, Museum/Science or Cultural Center, Educational Outreach, International Education, Programs, Sales/Marketing, Marketing Consultant, Market Research Analyst, Management, Human Resources Manager, Financial Analysis, Labor Relations Specialist


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Theatre Career Map Fine and Performing Arts Performing, Stage, Television, Radio, Motion Picture, Video, Directing, Direction, Technical Direction, Casting, Set Design, Stage Management, Production, Dialect Coaching, Dramaturgy, Support Staff, Behind the Scenes, Stage Management, Stage Direction, Set, Design/Construction, Costume Design, Hair/Makeup, Special Effects, Wardrobe, Prop Management, Broadcast Technology, Rigging, Electrical Work, Carpentry/Scenic Artistry, Education, Private Instruction, Teaching, Research