Information for Substitutes

The UTC Children’s Center employs many UTC students (we call them subs) who fill in at various times during the day and work as substitutes for our regular staff as they need time off.  Some subs are on a set schedule, while others prefer to just be called as needed. 

Being a sub for the Children’s Center has many advantages:  

  • 1) We are very close to campus;
  • 2) We will work around your class schedule each semester
  • 3) You can get lots of great, positive work experience working with children from 6 weeks up to 5 years of age.

Substitute Requirements:

  1. Must be a currently-enrolled UTC student
  2. Must complete required forms and return them, in person, to either our Battle Academy or Brown Academy location.  You will then be given a sub packet with additional forms as well as instructions on how to complete #3 and #4 listed below.
  3. Get a TB skin test. 
  4. Get fingerprinted.
  5. Once you have been fingerprinted and have the results of your TB skin test, return the signed fingerprinting form and TB skin test results card, in person, to the center.  At this time, you will need to bring in two acceptable documents for identification and eligibility for employment.  See I-9 form, found in forms link for complete list of acceptable documents

Once everything has been completed, in order, 
and turned in to us, we will contact your references. 

After we get the information back from your references, we send everything to our Human Resources Department.  The process can take as long as 4 weeks after you have turned everything in to us.