Scholarships and Research Grants 

Physics Scholarship

Up to $400 per semester for freshman and sophomore students and up to $500 per semester for junior and senior students may be awarded to physics majors and minors whose application is selected by the physics faculty. 

Application Deadlines: The application is open for the 2019-2020 academic year from 28 January to 15 February. Please complete the form below. You should receive an email that indicates that your form has been received:

Physics Summer Research Grants

Students who wish to do summer physics research should provide a written request signed by the supervising professor. The request will specify:

  • What research will be done
  • What the research entails
  • What is to be achieved at the end of the research
  • When the research will be achieved
  • What funding will be required
  • How the result will of the research will be disseminated

The supervising professor’s signature will indicate the submission of the project.

The approval of the project will be indicated by the signature of the department head.

Application Deadline:  March 19

Award Notification:  late March

The following awards are given to students as determined by faculty members. (No application is necessary)

Jane and Lawrence Akers Scholarship:  up to $1,000 per academic year

Harry Deuberry Physics Scholarship:  up to $700 per academic year awarded to a rising junior or senior physics student

Harriet and Karel Hujer Award:  variable amounts awarded to physics majors interested in astronomy, physics, and mathematics

Clarence Jones Prize Scholarship:  up to $700 per academic year

Harold Marlowe Scholarship Award:  up to $700 per academic year awarded to a successful physics major whose nomination is supported by the department head