2021 Summer Undergraduate Research Program (SURP)

URP applications are due Nov. 13, 2020. Apply here!

Selected participants will be notified by the end of Fall 2020 Semester.

Purpose: The intent of the undergraduate summer research program in Chemistry and Physics is to give our majors an intense research experience while stimulating and enhancing research at UTC. The research groups will consist of pairings of one major with one faculty member. Projects originated by the faculty member of each of these research teams will be pursued. Research skills will be developed as progress toward experimental objectives is made.

Format: Students will receive up to $4000 stipend for ten weeks of full-time participation (35 hours/week) during the Summer of 2021. Individual research teams will have some flexibility in scheduling this activity. Periodic group meetings of participants will be held throughout the summer. Furthermore, the student researchers are expected to give two presentations.  The first presentation will involve a brief 5 minute introduction to the project, and the second presentation will be at the conclusion of the 10 week program where final results will be presented. Formal written reports should be submitted by students. Selected students are encouraged to register for CHEM or PHYS 4997r in the Spring and Fall semesters of 2021 to initiate research and prepare professional presentations, as well as earn credit towards their degree.

In addition to their individual research activities, students will meet regularly for training in all aspects of research (e.g., ethics, writing, preparing presentations, applying to graduate schools, how to network). It is expected that students and faculty will participate in URP sponsored activities throughout the 10 weeks.

Eligibility: All UTC chemistry and physics majors are encouraged to apply but preference shall be given to students who are rising seniors in the department and have completed at least 24 hours in their major. Grades, interest in the major, career goals, and the judgment of the participating faculty, who will form the selection committee, shall be considered. Student research interests will also be used as a criterion for selection and for matching students to projects. Applications from women, minorities, and persons with disabilities are strongly encouraged.

Proposed Projects: Each professor listed below has a proposed research project. Please click on the faculty name to read more about the research. Should you wish to find out more about particular projects, please contact the respective authors, either in person, or by emailing them.

Dr.Titus Albu "Computational and Experimental Research on Quinone Reactivity"

Dr. Keenan Dungey "Nanotechnology and Environmental Remediation"

Dr. Joshua Hamblen "Fundamental Nuclear Physics Research with the Nab Experiment at Oak Ridge National Laboratory"

Dr. Jisook Kim "Journey to Biochemical & Toxicological Research"

Dr. John Lee "Development of Transition Metal Complexes for Breaking Unreactive Chemical Bonds"

Dr. Han Park "Photoacoustic Spectroscopy: Detecting Nicotine Vapor"

Dr. Jared Pienkos "Organometallic Chemistry for Catalysis, Medical Imaging, and Drug Design"

Dr. Gretchen Potts "Analysis of contaminants in CBD consumer products"

Dr. Luis Sanchez "Stability of Proteins and Viscosity of Active Colloids"

Dr. Steve Symes "Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometric Characterization of Metabolomic Signatures for Clinical Validation of Endometrial Cancer Screening Test"

Dr. Wang-Yong Yang "Discovery of Small Molecules Selectively Binding to (CGG)exp" & "Mechanistic Study of DNA Damage by Photoactivated Double-Stranded DNA Cleavers and Their Applications"

Application Form: Applicants must meet with at least two faculty to discuss projects. Before you start the application form, be sure to have ready: your academic records, a brief career goals statement (one paragraph), and a brief statement of your scientific interests (one paragraph).

Apply for 2021 SURP here!

Acknowledgment: This activity is made possible by the generous bequests of Dr. and Mrs. Irvine Grote. It is hoped that activities such as this will be a credit to the department they loved so well and an honor to their memory.   We also acknowledge valuable support from the Physics Funds and the Westbrook Research Scholarships provide by Mr. Howard Lee Westbrook, who was a 1958 graduate of the Chemistry Dept.  Mr. Westbrook had a long and successful career with Shell Oil Company.