The Department of Chemistry and Physics is committed to a student-centered program of instruction, research, and service activities. It focuses on undergraduate education in the physical and life sciences by providing excellent BS degrees options. A high priority is placed upon the role of research with undergraduates, both in the generation of new knowledge for the sciences and in enriching and supplementing the education of its students. Public service is directed to providing technical support and expertise for industries and other colleges and universities in the Chattanooga area as well as improving pre-college instruction through activities designed to assist teachers and students. The Department provides a solid foundation in basic concepts and theories as well as dynamic laboratory experiences for its majors and for students in related degree programs. A modern curriculum is offered through the use of state-of the-art scientific equipment, computer resources, and quality instruction. A continuing effort is made to ensure a safe environment for students, faculty, and staff engaged in laboratory work. An effective advisement program informs majors of career opportunities in industry and graduate school as well as professional schools in the fields of medicine, pharmacy, and dentistry. The Department maintains an active seminar program. Strong values including cultural and intellectual diversity, collegiality, and high standards of professional and ethical conduct are emphasized by the Department of Chemistry and Physics.