The Department of Chemistry and Physics

Merged in 2015, the department continues its long tradition of providing an engaged study of two sciences that are constantly evolving with new discoveries. The department possesses over 30 faculty and support members who provide for our students an excellent university education. Students have the opportunity to participate in lecture discussions as well as challenging research activities.

The department is housed in Grote Hall named after Dr. Irvine Grote.  An individual of tremendous scientific curiosity, he worked in both private industry and subsequently as a Professor and Head of the Department of Chemistry.  Dr. Grote served as Scientific Consultant at Chattem, Inc. for more than 40 years, and authored numerous patents, including the original antacid formulations in Rolaids. After his passing in 1973, Dr. Grote and his wife Nita left their entire estate to the UTC Department of Chemistry, an endowment now known as the Grote Chemistry Fund.  The endowment is used to fund scholarships, promote student research opportunities, purchase and maintain instruments, support faculty development, and foster the advancement of scientific research.

Our graduates are accepted into medical school, dental school, pharmacy school, industry, and also into graduate school to received an education as research scientists.

Offering a molecular perspective, our faculty and staff seek to:
• help students advance their scientific knowledge;
• engage students in scientific inquiry;
• provide service to our department, university, profession, and communities;
• prepare our students for the future.