Career Possibilities for Chemistry Majors

Are you starting college with a specific career in mind? Chemistry graduates excel in these fields and more. Visit Center for Career and Leadership Development at for a detailed list of career possibilities. You can also visit the Bureau of Labor Statistics for additional information.

Health                                                                                      Sales and Business

• Medical Doctor                                                                    • Technical Sales Person
• Physician’s Assistant                                                           • Research and Development Management
• Dentist
• Pharmacist                                                                         
• Optometrist                                                                       

Food and World                                                                      Education              

• Consumer Product Chemist                                              • High School Teacher
• Environmental Chemist                                                      • College Professor
• Food and Flavor Chemist                                                    • Chemical Information Specialist
• Agricultural Chemist                                                           • Science Writer
• Water Chemist



• Oil and Petroleum Chemist
• Polymer Chemist
• Pulp and Paper Chemist
• Textile Chemist

• Quality Control Chemist Legal and Crime
• Forensic Investigator
• Lawyer (Patent Law)
• Analytical Chemist