Vice Chancellor for Student Development

The Vice Chancellor is responsible for student development programs and services provided to students through the various departments in the division. Providing leadership and strategic vision to the division in the coordination of the efforts of the various departments, this executive leads student engagement, activities, outreach, student conduct,
multicultural and veteran student affairs, disability services, Greek life/leadership, the University Center, the Women’s Center, campus recreation, and university housing and residential life.

Proposed Timeline

Early-mid-July – 2 or 3 days of on-campus meetings to prepare for the search project 

Late July – Complete the drafts of the detailed position description, outreach marketing e-mail, and advertisement for the website and selected journals, etc.   

Tuesday, August 1 – Distribute e-mails to the targeted universe of academic leaders, post the advertisement on the website, and distribute ad to market journals/magazines. (should take several days, but we’ll be in the market from 8/1) 

August 1 – Wednesday, September 13 – Penetrate market, identify and cultivate candidates, and inform the university leadership and committee of developing candidates.   

September 13 – candidate application deadline. 

Friday, September 22 – formal presentation of the best candidates to the Search Committee in Chattanooga – will likely include the top 20, based upon consultant interviews and assessment.  From start of search thru 9/22, presentation matrices, Candidate Profile documents, CVs and cover letters will have been provided to the search committee by uploading the documents to the UTC Sharepoint System. A group 8 to 10 candidates should be identified at the conclusion of the meeting, and these candidates will be interviewed by the committee via the UTC Zoom system. 

Tuesday, October 3 – Thursday, October 12 – Zoom interviews for first-round candidates; Reference checks conducted, summarized and presented to Committee as soon as possible. Selection of final four candidates to invite to campus would be made at the conclusion of the skype interviews. 

Late October (as soon as we can arrange interview dates) thru Friday, November 17 – campus interviews of the finalists. 

December 15 – complete negotiation, and close the selected candidate. 

Early January – February 1 – start date 

The last portion of the schedule will be determined by the availability of the candidates and the ability of UTC to construct the desired interview schedules.  Regardless, we should be able to facilitate an acceptance by the selected candidate by the end of the school year in December.

Search Committee

Provost Jerald Ainsworth, chair

Committee members:
Emily Blackman, Terry Denniston, Rachel Emond, Yancy Freeman, Jim Hicks, Rob Liddell, Lindsay Manning-Hyden, Marcus Mauldin, Christina Maximos, Elizabeth O’Brien, and Valerie Rutledge

Support provided by Buddy LeTourneau and BLT Consulting