Next Generation Science Standards and Common Core Standards for Mathematics and Language Arts

Rendezvous with Comet Halley

Voyage to Mars

Return to the Moon


{The unique educational structure of our mission programs and the quality we want each school to experience is the number one priority of the Challenger Center.  Our scheduling and staffing plan for each mission and classroom program is worked out weeks in advance; therefore any major changes in the time of the mission and number of students attending for the day may create problems that are impossible to manage on the day of the mission. Therefore, your school will be responsible to bring no more than the agreed upon number of students. If too many students are in attendance, some students will not be able to participate in the mission. If we feel the additional students can be accommodated, your school will have to pay additional changes for those students. It is also critical that your school arrive on time in that we have scheduled flight directors for defined periods of time to staff your event. Any delays that may create a situation where the final mission and/or program of the day cannot be accommodated.   Also, it is critical that you confirm with your bus driver the departure time to return to your school.  If this is earlier that what has been planned, this could result in the final mission and/or programs for the day being shortened. Please know that we want to avoid any issues that may affect the quality of your students experience at the Challenger Center.  Therefore, it is critical that in your pre-planning of the mission you work closely with your Challenger Center contact to confirm your student numbers, arrival and departing times.}