Central Cashier

The Central Cashier's Office is responsible for assisting all  departments within the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga with accounting for departmental deposits.

We provide information about:

  • Deposit 
  • Deposit manifest
  • Training
  • Questions related to bank deposits and IRIS entries.

 Contact Information:

Shirley Hatfield, Account Specialist the Campus Central Cashier:  425-2148

Deadra Dixson, Accounting Supervisor:  425-4877

Located on the 2nd floor in Room 278 of the University Center

Cash Management PowerPoint

Links to  Fiscal Policies - Money Management/Retention/Credit Card Processing/PCI

Fiscal Policy -  FI0310 - Receiving and Depositing Money

Fiscal Policy -  FI0120 - Records Management

Fiscal Policy - FI0311 - Credit Card Processing

PCI Compliance at UT - Information Security