Deposit Instructions

Blue Book Deposits Made in Bursars Office

Making Blue Book deposits with the Bursar's Office is quick and simple when you follow the steps below.    

  • Departments depositing money into their R-Restricted accounts using GL 700900 can make their deposit in the Bursar's Office without any required documentation.  If the department is depositing money to an R-Restricted account and the GL starts with a 4 the department must have an IRIS doc# to show they are reimbursing the money into their department account.  If the department comes without the mandatory document number the Bursar's Office cannot make the deposit.  Any department who has questions about what document number they need to use can contact the Accounting and Finance Department at 425-1768 or 425-4191 for assistance. Important if it is determine that the deposit is not a reimbursement and the GL starts with a 4 the deposit needs to be made with the Development Office and their number is 425-4232.  the Bursars Office staff will not be able to determine the correct GL to use.  The sames rules apply even if the department is making the deposit to the bank themselves and making the IRIS entry.
  • Make sure that you are making your deposit within 3 business days of receipting the money.
  • Review your checks to verify that they have been written correctly, they are not mistakenly dated for last year (this happens a lot when we begin a new year), check is not dated for a future date, amount is written correctly (numeric number agrees with the written amount), and the check has been signed.  All checks must be restrictively endorsed by stamping all checks with the deposit stamp before bringing them to the Bursar's Office to make a blue book deposit.  If the department who is making a deposit with the Bursar's Office does not have a deposit stamp they must contact the Central Cashier in the Bursar's Office to request a deposit stamp for the deposits that will be deposited in the Bursar's Office blue book.  Reminder:  deposit stamps must be signed out from the Bursar's Office by UTC employees only. 
  • Because of the high cost of negotiating foreign checks, university departments must only accept checks in U.S. dollars drawn on U.S. banks or U.S. branches of foreign banks.  The checks must contain ABA encoding (i.e., machine-readable codes at the bottom of the check).
  • Departments must have the GL and Cost Center/WBS numbers for their deposit.  The Bursar's customer service specialist and campus central cashier will not be able to provide this information.

Hints and Reminders for Daily Deposits in IRIS

  • There should be nothing in the reference field.  Our office uses this field to post.
  • The document header text must be the number 4.
  • One line of the text field needs to contain the preparer's name and extension phone number.
  • Write hard enough on the original deposit ticket to transfer info to all copies.
  • When attaching back up to the IRIS document, don't cover up the IRIS information.  Attach either on the bottom of the page or on the back of the document.
  • The only thing in the assignment field should be:
    1. the deposit ticket number
    2. the credit card merchant number
    3. NA
    4. leave it blank
  • Per the bank's request:  All bills should be face up. 
  • If your department completes the manifest for deposits,  make sure that the amount on the deposit bag matches the amount on the manifest.
  • If you need assistance preparing your deposits or the IRIS document, contact the Central Cashier at 425-2148.


Time Deadlines for Daily Deposits

If deposits are picked up by the security officers the timing of the pick up will be set by your department in cooperation with the police department.

If you take your deposits to the campus central cashier in Room 278 of the University Center, the deposit needs to be received by 9:30am.  If deposits are delivered later than than this time, the deposits will possibly be processed the next day.

The Deposit Ticket

The deposit ticket books come in triplicate.  One copy should be included in the deposit bag.  One copy should be attached to the IRIS document for entry into the CV.  One copy should be maintained by your office/department for departmental records.

The coin, currency, and checks should be totaled at the bottom of the deposit ticket and also on the side of the ticket.  Please note, these two amount must match.  The bank may or may not take the time to add your deposit ticket to make sure it is correct.  If they do not, this could affect the amount for which you receive credit.

Preparation of the Deposit Bag

Using a ball point pen, enter all pertinent information in the front area of the deposit bag, then put your deposit Inside the bag (cash, checks, deposit ticket and manifest).  Lift tape and fold it AWAY from the bag.  Enter receipt information on this liner and retain with your records.  Remove paper liner from adhesive area. Then remove the strip and fold over carefully to seal the bank bag.  Press tape down against the bag and smooth closed.  The bag is now sealed.   Credit card receipts should not be sent to the bank in this bag.  Note that the bank is who opens the bag; it is NOT opened by the Bursar's Office.  Any documents sent to the bank with your deposit will not be returned.


Entering the Deposit in IRIS

You must have been given access to IRIS for the purpose of entering deposits before you can begin.  If you have not, you should contact HR at 425-4221 regarding IRIS training and IRIS access must be job related.  Deposits are entered though ZFB50ZK2 - Bank Deposit Journal Entry.

Header Information

Enter the document date.   Posting date automatically defaults to  the current date.  Doc.  Header Text is the short text used to post your document.  If your deposit will be posted by the Campus Central Cashier, you must start this field with the number 4. Doc type should be ZK.

Entering IRIS Items

Enter the G/L number for the corresponding Chattanooga bank G/L along with the debit or credit (debit if you are doing a deposit).  The doc. currency amount must be the total on the deposit ticket.  The assignment number should be the first set (six) of numbers on the side of the deposit ticket next to the routing number and bank account.  We would prefer that on the text for this line you include the name and phone number of the person entering the document.  This will help us if there are problems and we need to contact you.  do not enter an account number on this line.

You may enter more than one deposit on a document. Each deposit ticket should have its own line of bank entry. The department information can be grouped together but it must total the deposit amounts. 

Enter the G/L number on the next line for your account information along with debit or credit. You may have multiple lines of entry that total the bank line.  there should not be an assignment number on this line.  Text can say anything your department needs it to; it is a limited space field though.  This text field is what will show on your ledger.  Enter your cost center/WBS number in the appropriate column.


Parking IRIS Document

When you are finished entering your bank and account information, press your enter key.  Right below total credits will be a light; if it is green, your entries balance and you can click on "park." Make sure to write the document number down for later use.  If the light is not green it means your entries do not balance and you must recheck your entries.  Once you have the green light you can follow the procedures above for green light entry.

Printing IRIS Document

After you have parked the document, you may print a copy.  Go to "document drop down menu" at the top of the menu bar.  Once the drop down menu appears, choose display, click on document then choose change, click on the simulate button and print your copies. Now choose the printer icon or go to document and print.  Note that having your "tree on " when you go to the display screen can affect the way it prints.  Should you exit the deposit entry screen before you print your document, you can go  to the entry screen beside the green check mark and enter FB03 (Display Document) and enter your document number, Company Code (UT) and fiscal year to display and print your document. 

Completing IRIS Document

Once your document is printed (at least two copies), attach the deposit tickets as stated above.  You must send one copy of the document with one of the deposit tickets along with your deposit bag to the campus central cashier.  Please do not put the copy of the IRIS document in the bank deposit bag.  If you bring your bag in person we will include on our bank log and you will need to initial that bank bag log and we will send the bag to the bank for your department. 

Getting Your Deposit to the Bank

You may bring your deposit to the Bursar's Office, 278 University Center, or you may make arrangements with the Police Department at 425-4357 to schedule a pick up time.  If you have your deposits picked up, you should complete a manifest and it must be included in your bank bag with your deposit.